Thursday, August 7, 2008

Teeth and Talking

Alright, so molar #3 has now popped its way out. One more to go, and I'm pretty sure it might be soon. This poor boys gums are so super swollen. I wouldn't be surprised if the eye teeth were quick to follow. He's handled teething pretty well for the most part. Although I do look forward to him having all 16 teeth :-)
And we are learning new words. What can he say? Dad, Mom, Dog, Keys, Bye, Banana, Yes, and just today when I asked him if he wanted to visit Grandpa, he said 'bapa' a few times. There are a few other words, I just can't think of them. Its so cool how easily we can teach him new things. Tuesday he learnt to blow kisses. Yesterday I started teaching him how to be like a monkey. (tickling his underarms). He thought it was hilarious. If I ask him where his tummy is, he lifts up his shirt to show me. If I give him a wrapper from something, and tell him to go throw it in the garbage, he heads off to throw it away. Finally, my slave has arrived...hehe.
I did stop teaching him sign language. He has known 'more' since he was 8 months, and 'please' since he was a year. He also made up his own version of 'all done'. With both hands beside his head he waves his hands with palm up. So cute. But I figured since its time to start talking, I should stop with the signing.
Anyway, thats enough bragging for me today.

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Joni said...

oh that is so great. My favorite stage. Sooo cute. I make Tyrese throw his diapers into the garbage. Today when I asked him to he said "no", and he ran off. I guess the good is always followed by the not so good.