Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pet Peeve #2

Dog crap, in my yard, when I don't have a dog. There's really not much more to say than that. The joys of living in the country, where certain people don't keep their dogs at home. What makes it especially gross is that they are huge dogs. I think you know what I mean. GRRRR!!!!!


Bruce and Heather said...

I just found some on our yard today. Grrr. And we live in town, where dogs are supposed to be on a leash (this was our back yard).

Joni said...

I have dog drap on my yard all the time too. I hate dogs, I'm scared of them. My neighbor across the road has 2 huge rotweilers. When we first moved there they scared the sh** out of me. And If I would have done my homework, I would never have bought the place. The fist week we were there I was out raking my yard and Eden was playing close by, She wasn't even 2 yet, and along comes the younger rotweiler barking like mad. I grabbed Eden and I was frozen in fear. The damn thing came right up to me but I was saved by the owner, who then spanked the dog with a 2x4. A week after the dogs came over again and I called the dog pound. Lucky for us, he lives right behind us. So the neighbors found out very quickly that i didn't want their damn dogs on my yard. They gave us the cold shoulder for a while, Ed had to explain my fear to them.
Just last week I had the dog catcher pick up a different neighbors dog from my yard. i don't mess with sh** like that. Keep your pets on your yard.