Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New for this week

Caden can now point out his nose and eyes, on himself or on someone else. Add this to pulling up his shirt to show his tummy.
It we ask him, 'Caden what does a train do', he raises his arm beside him and pulls it down twice while we say 'woo woo'. (like a train)
Oh and he can say Hi, Hot, This, Bapa (grandpa) and makes the uh uh sound for no. (not sure I like that one ;-))So cute. Now, what else can I teach him. He learns things so fast. A little bag of tricks this boy is.


Amanda said...

How old is he? I love all the tricks that C can do. I think they are so cute!

Jamy said...

He is 14 months. And yes, these little tricks are so cute. Especially cause they learn so fast. Their minds are like sponges.