Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dollarama = Danger

Oh boy do I love this store. I can't wait for Caden to be older so that I can buy stickers, and paintable puzzles, and finger paints and coloring books etc. I've also seen mothers in with their kids after, for example, passing swimming lessons. The mother says, 'you can pick any 2 things you want'. Kid replies, 'Anything???'. Mom 'Anything!!'
Its gonna cost her 2 bucks, no matter what her kids pick. How awesome. And the kid is so excited to be able to pick from a whole store full of goodies. He doesn't know why, he doesn't care either. What a great reward to use for kids.
I went to Dollarama yesterday, to buy hair clips for my hair. Thats all. I should have left, having spent $1.12. But did I??? Oh no. I had spent $8.86. I bought batteries, a bbq lighter, a book for Caden, a mini megnadoodle for Caden, a bucket to stick on the wall in my bathtub for shampoo and stuff, and a nail file. Oh and of course the hair clips I came in for in the first place. I just can't help myself. Its that mennonite in me that comes out when I know something is only $1. Granted, I needed batteries and a lighter, but the other stuff were just extras. Good thing I don't go very often.


amy said...

I am so glad that I live an hour and half from the nearest dollarama!!
Thanks for the advice Jamy!

Jen said...

lol one time I went into dollarama and spent $20 (yeah I know) and totally forgot the item I went for in the first place. I've only gone twice since then.