Saturday, August 16, 2008

Private blogs

I don't get it. Isn't the purpose of a blog so people will read it? I get upset when I'm reading someones blog, and I want to link to a blog they read, and I can't cause its private. I don't want to ask permission to every body, just so I can read their blog once. A blog is meant for people to read. Which is why I have now added -private, after some names on my blog list so that people will know not to try and link to those blogs. I'd encourage others to do the same. Let us know so we don't waste our time trying. Its easy to add it after the name. Similar to Stacey, who has let us know that one of her blogs is a german blog. I'm not gonna spend time checking it cause I know I won't read it. Its helful.
Also, if someone has erased their blog, please erase their name off your blog list.

Thanks :-)


Stacey said...

I totally need to go through my blog links and filter out the private ones and add the newer ones that I'm reading! Thanks for the reminder.

I also hate private blogs. There are a few that I read, because I read them for a long time before they went private. But I will NEVER go private, unless something happens to force me to.

Crystal said...

Sorry, but I prefer to make mine private. I like to keep it that way so that I can feel safer posting pics of K and our life on here.