Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Harvest Festival

My little engineer. He loves trains.
If only this slide were longer.
Caden made a little 'woo' sound after every little bump. Big smiles the whole way down
The horse and buggy. So much fun to ring the bells
The lady bugs. Like a mini roller coaster. He loved it.

Looking out from the ferris wheel. No fear of heights at all.
Admiring a chicken in the petting zoo
A tractor tricycle by the kids play area. He was so mad when I took him off.
Down the slide with Uncle Rick
My handsome man all by himself on the train

Mmm, curly fries with Grandpa
Sliding with Auntie Amy
Going down the slide with Grandpa. Looks like Grandpa is having just as much fun as Caden
The airplane was a huge hit. He loved being up high and having to look down at us

It was a great weekend. Very different with a one year old. But so much fun. Caden absolutely loved all of the rides. I think he went on more than 20 rides, and probably would have done more. I'm pretty sure I could have taken him on adult rides and he would have done fine. But I sure wouldn't have been. I unfortunately get sick on rides.

We did also take in the parade on Saturday morning. Very disappointing I must say. What happened to having floats in a parade. All we saw were people slapping their name onto a vehicle. Although, I have to say the candy was exceptional this year. We got alot.

Then there were the fire works Sunday night. Also left something to be desired. We did manage to keep Caden up till then, thanks to a late nap until 7:00. At first he was terrified, but then he was totally mesmerized by them. As far as I'm concerned, fire works are a waste of money. But if your gonna do them, do them good.

Anyway, thats just a little recap of our weekend. Enjoy the pics.


Joni said...

Great pictures. He looked like he had fun. I took my kids to tinkertown a while ago. And I had a very difficult time keeping up with Tyrese. I could not get him off those rides and get him to the next. He screamed so much when I took him off.

Bruce and Heather said...

we didn't try out the rides with Selah this year. I'm not so sure she would have liked them, except for the slide.

Joni said...

Where was your hubby thru all this?