Friday, May 30, 2008

Good times with an old friend.

Corrina and I have been friends since Grade 9. She was even one of my bridesmaids. However after high school, we went our separate ways. Well, mostly she went a different that led her to Winnipeg. Throughout the 7 years that we have been out of school, we've probably only seen each other 15 times. Its unfortunate, as Corrina was a great friend. But I suppose it was inevitable that I wouldn't stay close friends with everyone.

Tonight we went out for coffee to Boston Pizza, along with Joder. Its always nice to catch up. This time, I hadn't seen her since last September i think it was. She's possibly planning on moving back to Winkler in July. Then hopefully we can make the time to get together a little bit more. Not that Winnipeg is far for me to drive, but with having a baby now, it just doesn't seem to work out.

Anyway, here's to long time friends, renewing old friendships, and a good paralyzer on special at Boston Pizza....Cheers!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Party like a rockstar!

He's 1. He's really 1. And boy did we have a party. We had lots of people over. My parents, Rick and Amy and Randy. Robs parents, Jess and his Granny. As well as my friends with their husbands. A big thanks to all who came and for the awesome gifts Caden got from everyone. We took a chance and had the party outside. We were able to finish eating before the rain and wind started, so then we migrated into the barn. Luckily Rob had cleaned it out on Saturday. We really had a great time. Caden was so happy. Here's a few pics for ya.

Little Tikes car from Joder & Nate, Tiff & Garn, Chris & Shar, Erin & Gabe, and Candace & Dale. (this pic was taken yesterday because we only put the car together after Caden was in bed)

The cake I let Caden eat and make a mess of. He was so cute. At first he was a little hesitant, because obviously he's not used to eating so messily. But then he dug right in and was stuffing his face with cake and whipped cream.

Truck from Pam & Conrad

Soccer ball from Randy & Tanya

The birthday boy in his new wagon from Grandma & Grandpa

New car from Nana & Papa

Dump truck from Uncle Rick & Auntie Amy

Combine from Jodi & Warren

Basketball net from Sarah

The train cake I made. Mostly for looks, although we did end up eating it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Love/Hate-for you Joni

Alright Joni, you asked for it. Here is a list of things that I love and things that I hate-(and as Joni and Melissa both said, other than the obvious things)

Things I love:

-Burning things-leaves, branches, I'm a pyro :-)
-Doing laundry
-Hanging laundry outside to dry
-Watching Caden sleep
-Watering my plants
-A good joke
-Cadens 'talking'
-Going to the movie Theater
-Eating theater popcorn
-Going for walks
-Taking a bath
-Laying out new clothing purchases and admiring them :-)
-Eating Kit Kat bars
-Walking through my garden, waiting for things to be growing
-4 wheeling in the hills
-Freshly washed bedding
-Folding towels
-Putting things together/hooking things up (electronics, new toys etc.)
-Taking pictures & making picture cards
-Shoes, lots of shoes
-Hand-me-down clothes for Caden
-Playing with blocks (kids wooden blocks)
-The harvest festival
-Belting out music in the car (Sorry Caden)
-Going boating
-The sound of traffic from a highway, especially when camping
-Seeing big Red or Green tractors on a nice black field

Things I hate:

-Cleaning my house
-Cell phones in restaurants
-Dog poo on my yard (I don't have a dog)
-Seeds in watermelon
-Picking raspberries
-When parents let their kids run around in restaurants
-Cleaning my car
-People who think that because they have money, they get special privileges
-Movies with crappy endings
-Rude cashiers-I just wanna smack them
-Customer service reps on the phone who DON'T SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH
-Cutting up watermelon
-When the sheets come off the bed
-Landing in an airplane
-Rollercoasters (I want to like them, but they make me sick)
-When people are late for anything
-Robs alarm going off 2...3...4 times before he gets up
-Gas prices (Amen Melissa)
-Stubbing my toe
-Ordering my drink w/out ice, or my burger w/out onions & pickles, and not getting it that way
-Not knowing what Caden wants when he's grumpy
-People who talk in the middle of the aisle
-People who drive under the speed limit in good weather conditions
-Farmers who take up the whole highway with their tractors
-Simpsons/Family guy/American Dad

To do list

Who knew getting ready for a 1 year olds birthday party would be so much work. Here's my 'to do list' for today.

  • Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean Entrance
  • Clean living room
  • Clean out fridge (to make room for oh so much food for tomorrow)
  • Dust
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Put wagon together (Cadens birthday present from my parents)
  • Bake cakes
  • Cook macaroni's for pasta salad for tomorrow
  • Go to Walhalla to get gas

Well, I've done pretty good. Only the last 3 left and its only 4:20. Robs been super busy outside today, cleaning out the barn, mowing lawn, and washing both vehicles.

Tomorrow we are having tons of people over for a bbq. I am praying really hard that it won't rain. Its gonna be a busy afternoon tomorrow. I'm making Caden a train birthday cake, which I have a feeling will take all afternoon to make and decorate but I'm so excited about it. (I'll try and post pics somehow) Plus I have to get all the food ready. I went to Dollarama today to buy birthday hats, streamers, balloons and plates. What a wonderful store. So many things for $1. Can't wait till Caden is old enough to give out goody bags at his parties. I'll enjoy making them as much as he'll enjoy giving them out.

Anyway, I should get to those last 3 things before I don't do them at all. Check back monday to hear how the party went.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

2 days and counting

In 2 days, I am going to have a 1 year old. Its kinda hard to believe. I was going through his baby book today, and looking at pics of him from birth on. He used to be so little. I can't believe how much I love this little man. He has learnt so much in the last few weeks. He can walk so well now, not crawling at all, unless he wants to push a tractor or truck across the floor. He can also now do the sign for 'please'. I kinda went slack with the whole sign language thing. After he learnt 'more' I quite. I was working on 'thank you', but I figure its gonna be time for him to start talking soon, so maybe I'll just leave that one.
About a month ago, I realized that I have not been teaching Caden to pray. So now, before every meal or snack, I fold his hands together to say 'Come Lord Jesus'. Well on Tuesday, I told him 'Caden lets say Amen', and he folded his hands together, waiting for me to pray. It was so cute. Wow do kids learn things fast. He imitates everything we do. If I click my tongue, he does, if I clap my hands, he does. His little mind just soaks everything up.

Well, the sun is out, so I have some raking to do and some laundry to hang out.

Work, Weather and Teeth

I work only 1 day a week. So how can it always work out that the one day I work, it is always beautiful, and the days around it are crappy. Take Tuesday. Wind that coulda blown shingles off (okay not that bad, but I hate wind) and it was farely cool. Now take today, Thursday. Its only 8:30, but the wind has picked up, the sky is completely cloudy and looks like rain, and its only 7 outside. Now yesterday, the day I worked. 18 outside, no wind and absolutely perfect. Ahhh!!!
I had big plans for today. Hang out all my laundry, finish my garden and clean up the yard to get ready for Cadens b-day party on Sunday. Had I been home yesterday instead of working, I would have been able to get all that done, and get a tan to boot. Its so frustrating. I know all you working people out there think I'm being stupid because you also have to be working on beautiful days, but you too have the option of staying home and enjoying what should be nice hot weather. (Amy, Tiff, Shar, just to name a Anyway, the sun will come out tomorrow right...???!!!

Caden has been so different the last 2 weeks. Extra grumpy. He's normally a super happy content kid, but lately he's needed to be held more. He's usually really good with playing by himself. He'll walk around the house for an hour finding things to play with, and without me needing to entertain him at all. Not anymore. But I have figured out why. His bottom left Molar is almost all the way through. I can't imagine it feels very good to have that giant tooth break its way through your gums. Now I can understand and sympathize with his grumpiness. Although I hope to have my happy boy back soon.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend away

I had a great time this weekend in Grand Forks with my Mom and Amy. Rob was gone fishing for the weekend with my Dad and brother so Caden went to my in laws. Wow did I shop. After years of searching, I finally found a 'little black dress' that I absolutely love. I'd post a pic, but unfortunately I can't do that on my stupid dial up. I also found red heels, which I've been searching for for a long time. Along with 2 other pairs of shoes, 2 other dresses, 2 pairs of shorts, 11 shirts/tank tops, a bathing suit, and a few other things. It was a very productive weekend. The hotels were great, the food was great. We had so much fun.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Grow Grow Grow!!!!

Well, I've begun my garden. Although I was disappointed this, I was down right mad...about the crappy weather, meaning the rain, it has turned into a beautiful day. I was able to plant about half of my garden this morning. Watermelon, musk melon, zucchini, peas, green and yellow beans, romaine lettuce, and the first batch of corn. I'm hoping to get the beets in yet this afternoon when Caden naps. Then I have to buy the seeds for everything else, as well as tomato and pepper plants. Thats what next Tuesday is for. Feels good to have it started though.

I am off to Grand Forks for the weekend with my Mom and SIL Amy. I am so looking forward to it. I've got alot of shopping to do, and luckily I've been saving up for this so I also won't be feeling bad for spending alot of money. :-) I am a little sad though that a perfectly good weekend is going to be wasted inside a hotel and stores. But I'm just telling myself that it is May, and there are going to be alot more nice weekends. I'm going to enjoy today as much as I can.

Tonight Caden and I are off to Chris and Shars for a fire. (Rob is gone fishing with my Dad and brother Rick). Definitely hoping this crazy wind dies down. Its not really condusive to fires thats for sure.

Anyway, enough time wasted inside on the computer. Cadens ready for a nap...beets here I come.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Winnipeg shopping

So although the plan was to go to Winnipeg and find garage sales, we didn't find any that were worth stopping at. White Ridge community was having their garage sale, but we didn't know where it was, the sale was over at 2 and it was already 12:30. The few that we did pass by, were old people. I was looking for toys and thought it pretty safe to assume that they wouldn't have any.

Instead, we hit costco and the mall. Costco didn't yield too much for me. A pair of capris, and an awesome jacket. But then we got to the mall. I still had a gift certificate for the Bay from when Caden was born. I was saving it for when he was older, because they don't have alot of selection of baby clothes. I'm also not about to pay $30 for 1 sleeper. Anyway, I found a cute pair of shorts, a collared shirt, and the cutest hat. I'd post pics, but I can't because I have dial up and it doesn't work. That ended up costing me $0.69.

Then we headed for the polo park mall. We hit La Senza where I was finally able to find 2 bras that actually fit me properly. They were on sale too, which I only found out at the till. What a nice surprise. Childrens place was the next stop. I've been looking for pjs for Caden. Up till now, he's been wearing sleepers from Costco. The most awesome sleepers ever and they are only $7. But now he's into the 18 month ones and the legs are way too long. (I think he's got short legs) So anyway, I had to find others. 2 pc preferably. Childrens place had nothing that I liked. I don't want dinosaurs on or near Caden cause I don't like But I did find a 3 in 1 jacket ($15) a button up shirt ($15) a long sleeved shirt ($6.50) and a pair of pants ($2) Yup, i said $2. Couldn't leave them there. Anyone with kids should go because they have alot of 1/2 off sale price items right now. I did end up finding pjs at Sears of all places. $9 per pair which I thought was not too bad. I definitely could have done more shopping, but this next weekend my Mom, Amy and I are going to Grand Forks for the weekend so I wanna save my money.

All in all a super good day. Boston Pizza for supper, because Red Lobster was a 1 1/2 hour wait. Thanks to my Mom, Aunt Agatha and Anna for a good time.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Garage Sales = $$$$$

Ok seriously, what are people thinking. I've been to a few garage sales in the last 2 days. People are nuts. I don't understand where they get this idea that they are gonna make a fortune off their garage sale. YOU ARE SELLING STUFF OUT OF YOUR GARAGE!!!! Doesn't that say enough. I don't expect to pay more than $5 for anything at a garage sale. Its gotta be cheap, or I'm not gonna buy it. I did end up with a few things: A plush chair that Caden loves($3), a mini 4 wheeler that hopefully Rob will be able to fix, and if not, it'll still be fun($3), a sleigh ($2), and this small castle type thing with toys on all 4 walls and a door ($5). I'm happy with my purchases and the cost of them. But I sure could have bought alot more if people's prices wouldn't have been so high. I get it, your babies toys are practically new. But that doesn't mean you can still ask 1/2 the retail value of them. It doesn't work that way. Obviously I'm a little bitter about this.
Tomorrow my mom and I, along with my aunt agatha and cousin Anna, (and Caden of course) are going to Winnipeg to go garage saleing. I'm told winnipeg people know how to have a garage sale. Should be fun.
I am looking for one thing in specific, so if anybody has one, or can find one, let me know. One of those little tykes cars. They are red, with a yellow roof. My brother and sister in law picked one up yesterday for $1....yes, I said $1. I almost couldn't believe it myself. I'd probably pay $10 -$15 for one. Wal mart has them, but I don't want one bad enough to pay $50 for it. Its not worth that. But I'd like to find a used one. Hopefully somewhere along the line I'll be the first one to a garage sale that has one. Keepin my fingers crossed.

Tonight I went to see the movie 'What happens in Vegas'. It was quite good. I didn't have super expectations for it, being that its with Ashton Kutcher. But it was actually good. I'd even see it again. Caden got to spend the evening with his Uncle Rick and Auntie Amy. They've also been garage saleing, (my brother is a bit addicted) and have picked up some really good toys for when Caden comes over. He had a great time at there house. I actually ended up staying until 10, which is about 2 hours past Cadens bedtime. But he was having so much fun so I let him stay up. We are going to their house again on Sunday for mothers day so I'll actually get to see Caden play in the little tykes car. Looking forward to it, and hoping its actually gonna be nice.
Looking back at last years mothers day....I was just over 8 months pregnant. It was beautiful outside. I was wearing capris and a tank top. We played many games of badminton outside, one which ended with me under a tree. (no it did not induce labor) Kinda makes me sad that this year the baby that was in my tummy last year, is now gonna be walking around and getting into things. Hmm....!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So today Caden was at the babysitters again, because I worked all day. Once again, I am so thankful for the wonderful babysitter that I have. It makes it so easy to drop him off when I know he's gonna be happy. We get there, and I can barely take off his jacket and he's already wanting to get down and play. When I get back, he's happy to see me, but not so much that he comes running to me. I know that part of it is that he loves to play with new toys. And she has alot of toys. Its great. I can't even imagine going to work, when I have to leave a screaming boy at the sitters. Although, I've never really let Caden be a very 'needy' boy. He'll go to pretty much anyone. I can't stand kids who always need to be by there mom. I never wanted one like that. I also can't stand it when parents who have kids like that, blame it on the kids. Its not the kids fault, its your fault. You babied your baby too much and now they only want you. You made a sucky kid. Yes, I know that some kids are a little more needy than others, but you can somewhat fix it. Thats why I'm so set on making sure that Caden interacts with other kids. I'm also a very busy person so he's with alot of other adults as well. Just on Sunday, my family wanted to go see a movie in the afternoon. Well obviously we're not gonna take Caden with, so I called my friend Sarah. Caden has spent very little time with my friends, because I very seldom bring him to girls night. Its kinda a rule, that once you're done nursing, the baby stops coming. Anyway, Sarah was more than happy to take him. Now if I had a sucky baby who made strange, this never would have worked. Why don't parents see the up side of correcting these issues, before they are ever issues. It only makes sense. I'm not saying I have all the answers, cause I'm sure I do things that make other moms go 'huh'. But I do have very strong opinions about some things and I'm gonna share them. Anyway, Cadens in bed, so I'm off to girls night.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Burn baby burn!!

I have spent the last 2 days outside, raking my yard. I have a large yard, so this is no small feat. In the tree rows, around the tree rows. And I've barely put a dent into it. Aside from getting down on my hands and knees, I will not be able to get all the leaves out from in between my lilacs. It is too piled up and the rake doesn't fit. Maybe one day I'll be bored enough to get in there. But boy, the areas that I have finished sure look good. It is great to live in the country where I can burn everything. Although I have to say that leaves do not burn very well. Kinda disappointing. I have also discoverd that I am a bit of a pyro. I love to burn things. It makes me happy to stand there and continue adding 'fuel' to the fire. That may have something to do with why I am raking so much. More leaves = more fire. I only got a little upset when I had to rake up dog crap. Do I have a dog....NO I DON'T. and yet, I clean up dog crap. Why? Because there are too many dogs in this village who are not tied up. But what do you do when you live in a small village where you know everyone. Deal with it I guess.
I've also put approx 20 kms on our 4 wheeler in the last 2 days. Caden absolutely loves going around the village on the 4 wheeler. When we get back home, he gets upset and wants to go again. Its so cute. Now that he can walk, it makes it even more difficult to keep him away from the 4 wheeler cause he can just walk over to it. I'm still waiting for the days to be warm enough that he can be outside without a sweater on. I know it'll come, but I'm so impatient.
Today, I finally got to making Cadens birthday party invitations. His party is on May 25th so I figured I need to do them once. Now I just have to email them to wal-mart and hand them out. I'm so excited. I also need to get to his 1 year cards. Next week I'm hoping it'll be nice enough to have a photo shoot day and get some really great shots for the picture. I only have 2 1/2 weeks left till he's one. I gotta get on it!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

One step at a time

Caden is walking. He's been taking steps for about a month now, as many as 15. But on Wednesday, I was working so he went to his babysitters house. She has a boy who is 1 1/2 months older than Caden and he is walking. I think that's what gave Caden the itch to start. He saw Brayden doing it, and figured he had to do the same. So, since then, he's been walking more and more. He does still crawl, but walking is becoming more and more. Its so cute to see. He's been able to get up from sitting to standing for a few months now, so when he falls from walking, he can just get right back up. Its kinda nice, cause I'm used to kids that are learning how to walk, crawling to a piece of furniture when they fall. This is easier on him, and I think it makes him walk more.
Although I'm excited that he's walking, it also saddens me slightly. This is just the next step to him growing up. In no time he's gonna be off to Kindergarten. What happens to our babies? Someone asked me yesterday how old Caden was now. I told her that in 3 weeks, he'd be 1. She thought I was going to say that he was only 8 months. Part of me wishes he still was.
Lately I've been thanking God more and more for Caden. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I can't even imagine what it would be like without him. Its just so natural. I've been fighting with feelings of not having any more kids. I don't want to take away from time with Caden. I don't want to feel that I am neglecting him. Of course, we're gonna have more kids. I'm not crazy enough to have an only child. And I would still like it to be sooner than later. But I just want to give my kids everything that I can. All the attention that they need. Time goes by so fast. I've been trying to take in every moment. All the firsts. I want to etch them in my mind and never forget them. How blessed I am to have a husband who loves me, and a son that is everything to me. Thank you God!!! I'm in love with a boy. :-)