Friday, May 9, 2008

Garage Sales = $$$$$

Ok seriously, what are people thinking. I've been to a few garage sales in the last 2 days. People are nuts. I don't understand where they get this idea that they are gonna make a fortune off their garage sale. YOU ARE SELLING STUFF OUT OF YOUR GARAGE!!!! Doesn't that say enough. I don't expect to pay more than $5 for anything at a garage sale. Its gotta be cheap, or I'm not gonna buy it. I did end up with a few things: A plush chair that Caden loves($3), a mini 4 wheeler that hopefully Rob will be able to fix, and if not, it'll still be fun($3), a sleigh ($2), and this small castle type thing with toys on all 4 walls and a door ($5). I'm happy with my purchases and the cost of them. But I sure could have bought alot more if people's prices wouldn't have been so high. I get it, your babies toys are practically new. But that doesn't mean you can still ask 1/2 the retail value of them. It doesn't work that way. Obviously I'm a little bitter about this.
Tomorrow my mom and I, along with my aunt agatha and cousin Anna, (and Caden of course) are going to Winnipeg to go garage saleing. I'm told winnipeg people know how to have a garage sale. Should be fun.
I am looking for one thing in specific, so if anybody has one, or can find one, let me know. One of those little tykes cars. They are red, with a yellow roof. My brother and sister in law picked one up yesterday for $1....yes, I said $1. I almost couldn't believe it myself. I'd probably pay $10 -$15 for one. Wal mart has them, but I don't want one bad enough to pay $50 for it. Its not worth that. But I'd like to find a used one. Hopefully somewhere along the line I'll be the first one to a garage sale that has one. Keepin my fingers crossed.

Tonight I went to see the movie 'What happens in Vegas'. It was quite good. I didn't have super expectations for it, being that its with Ashton Kutcher. But it was actually good. I'd even see it again. Caden got to spend the evening with his Uncle Rick and Auntie Amy. They've also been garage saleing, (my brother is a bit addicted) and have picked up some really good toys for when Caden comes over. He had a great time at there house. I actually ended up staying until 10, which is about 2 hours past Cadens bedtime. But he was having so much fun so I let him stay up. We are going to their house again on Sunday for mothers day so I'll actually get to see Caden play in the little tykes car. Looking forward to it, and hoping its actually gonna be nice.
Looking back at last years mothers day....I was just over 8 months pregnant. It was beautiful outside. I was wearing capris and a tank top. We played many games of badminton outside, one which ended with me under a tree. (no it did not induce labor) Kinda makes me sad that this year the baby that was in my tummy last year, is now gonna be walking around and getting into things. Hmm....!!!

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