Thursday, May 22, 2008

2 days and counting

In 2 days, I am going to have a 1 year old. Its kinda hard to believe. I was going through his baby book today, and looking at pics of him from birth on. He used to be so little. I can't believe how much I love this little man. He has learnt so much in the last few weeks. He can walk so well now, not crawling at all, unless he wants to push a tractor or truck across the floor. He can also now do the sign for 'please'. I kinda went slack with the whole sign language thing. After he learnt 'more' I quite. I was working on 'thank you', but I figure its gonna be time for him to start talking soon, so maybe I'll just leave that one.
About a month ago, I realized that I have not been teaching Caden to pray. So now, before every meal or snack, I fold his hands together to say 'Come Lord Jesus'. Well on Tuesday, I told him 'Caden lets say Amen', and he folded his hands together, waiting for me to pray. It was so cute. Wow do kids learn things fast. He imitates everything we do. If I click my tongue, he does, if I clap my hands, he does. His little mind just soaks everything up.

Well, the sun is out, so I have some raking to do and some laundry to hang out.


Amy said...

Awww...I want him to be little again! Well maybe not, this stage is soooo much fun, we love to play with him!

joni said...

Isn't it funny that every stage gets better than the last! I remember when my baby was a newborn and I thought I want to keep him little, but then they grow a bit and the breast start to heal, and it gets better, then you want to stall time again and something better developes, and it keeps getting better and better, before you know it they are of tho school.
Thanx for teaching my about the friends links. It was easy.