Saturday, May 24, 2008

Love/Hate-for you Joni

Alright Joni, you asked for it. Here is a list of things that I love and things that I hate-(and as Joni and Melissa both said, other than the obvious things)

Things I love:

-Burning things-leaves, branches, I'm a pyro :-)
-Doing laundry
-Hanging laundry outside to dry
-Watching Caden sleep
-Watering my plants
-A good joke
-Cadens 'talking'
-Going to the movie Theater
-Eating theater popcorn
-Going for walks
-Taking a bath
-Laying out new clothing purchases and admiring them :-)
-Eating Kit Kat bars
-Walking through my garden, waiting for things to be growing
-4 wheeling in the hills
-Freshly washed bedding
-Folding towels
-Putting things together/hooking things up (electronics, new toys etc.)
-Taking pictures & making picture cards
-Shoes, lots of shoes
-Hand-me-down clothes for Caden
-Playing with blocks (kids wooden blocks)
-The harvest festival
-Belting out music in the car (Sorry Caden)
-Going boating
-The sound of traffic from a highway, especially when camping
-Seeing big Red or Green tractors on a nice black field

Things I hate:

-Cleaning my house
-Cell phones in restaurants
-Dog poo on my yard (I don't have a dog)
-Seeds in watermelon
-Picking raspberries
-When parents let their kids run around in restaurants
-Cleaning my car
-People who think that because they have money, they get special privileges
-Movies with crappy endings
-Rude cashiers-I just wanna smack them
-Customer service reps on the phone who DON'T SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH
-Cutting up watermelon
-When the sheets come off the bed
-Landing in an airplane
-Rollercoasters (I want to like them, but they make me sick)
-When people are late for anything
-Robs alarm going off 2...3...4 times before he gets up
-Gas prices (Amen Melissa)
-Stubbing my toe
-Ordering my drink w/out ice, or my burger w/out onions & pickles, and not getting it that way
-Not knowing what Caden wants when he's grumpy
-People who talk in the middle of the aisle
-People who drive under the speed limit in good weather conditions
-Farmers who take up the whole highway with their tractors
-Simpsons/Family guy/American Dad


Melissa said...

awesome! and a HUGE amen to you on the people who talk in the middle of aisles!!!! that really bugs me... big time!

joni said...

Thank-you, for this list. I'm still laughing. i have to agree with melissa. Bugs me to no end. I can't believe you love to do laundry. So do i. i've just never known anyone else who loves to do laundry. I think it's the cute kids stuff that makes it so enjoyable. And I have to agree also with the shoes. I love shoes, and Earrings.

Jen said...

I loved how you talked so much about watermelon! It makes me laugh.