Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ahhhh, sleep.

Can I really be so lucky. I know, i shouldn't jinx it by telling you this right after it happened, but Avery slept through the night last night. She fell asleep at 11:30 and didn't get up until 7:30. It was so needed. I was getting between 4-5 hours of sleep a night. On Sunday night I switched her to sleeping on her tummy. What a world of a difference. And you can judge me, and tell me that babies are not supposed to sleep on their tummies, but mine do. Caden did, and he's fine. I've been lucky to have my mom and my brother and sil take Caden for a night each, so that I could sleep when Avery did. Its a lot different having 2 kids when it comes to sleep. When you only have one, you can sleep when they do. When you have 2, and the older one wakes up at 7:00am, you have no choice but to be up, even if you only got to sleep at 2:30am.
It's also been so great to have people bringing us meals. Not that I can't cook, because I do have a good baby and have time. But there's just something special about having supper brough to you. Last night we had our 4th meal come, and today and tomorrow are covered as well. I am definitely going to start doing this more often when people I know have babies. Its not difficult to double the meal that you are making for your own family, and its such a blessing to be on the receiving end of it.
Christmas is now just a month away. I would say I'm about 1/3 done my Christmas shopping, for 1/3 I know what I'm getting and just have to go buy it, and the last 1/3 I have no idea. Good thing I have a month, although I'd like to be done soon. I hate the last minute scramble to find the perfect gift when everything is picked through and you don't feel happy with your purchase. Its so satisfying to be done, and have gifts you know people will love.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Labor & Delivery story

Well, for those of you who want to know the whole story of Avery’s labor and delivery, read on. If you don’t want to know the details, skip this post.

I went into labor at 2:30am Sunday morning. I woke up to a contraction, and they continued every 10 minutes, all night long. In the morning, I had Caden tell Rob that we were gonna have a baby today. My contractions continued, although I spent a lot of time lying on the couch, and it seemed that they slowed. If I would walk around, they would be more consistent.
At 1:00, Caden went down for a nap so I decided to try as well. I did manage to get some sleep, in between the 10 minute contractions. I got up at 3:00. At that point, the contractions were coming every 3-5 minutes apart. I called Joder to ask if she was ready to have Caden. She came to get him at 4:10. We got to the hospital at 4:30pm.
They brought me to my room right away, and the nurse hooked up the fetal monitor. Babies heartbeat was good. She checked me at 5:30 and I was 5cm. She also told me that she had called my Dr. and she wouldn’t be in till 7. This disappointed me. With Caden, the doctor broke my water as soon as we got there, and the next contraction was so much stronger. I was upset that I would have to go through the next hour and a half of labor without my water broken, thinking that things wouldn’t be progressing as quickly as they could be.
My contractions continued, although not consistently at all. It’d be 10 minutes in between sometimes. It was so different that with Caden. With him, I was walking around the room the whole time, having contractions every 2 minutes. This time, I was wishing that we had brought a game or a movie because nothing was happening.
At 6:45, the contractions were getting worse, although still not very frequent. The nurse suggested I take a shower, as the warmth can help. I was willing to try it because with Caden, it did help. Well, I had a contraction while in the washroom, and because I was so incredibly hot, I ended up throwing up for about 5 minutes. At that point, I decided a hot shower was probably not the best idea so I went back to the bed.
At 7:10 I had 3 contractions almost in a row. I hardly knew where to leave myself. I was ready to ask for drugs. However, with the last contraction, I was feeling the urge to push, so I sent Rob to get the nurse. She came right away and checked me. She said I was ready to go, and to keep pushing. My doctor walked in right after. She broke my water. During the next contraction, I pushed. After it was over, they told me I was doing great. I didn’t believe them. I pushed for 2 hours with Caden, and they kept telling me that it had been a great push. I would ask if the head was out and they said no, but it was still a good push. I got frustrated. I felt like yelling at them that until the head was out, don’t tell me it’s a good push.
So with Avery, when they said that push was good, I asked if they could see the head. She said yes, 1 more push and baby will be out.
Next contraction hits, I push. The head comes out. She tells me to stop pushing so she can check for the umbilical cord. Then gives me the go ahead to continue. 1 more push and she was out. Born at 7:18. 2 pushes. I was amazed how quickly it all went. From us sitting there passing the time, and 8 minutes later we have a baby.
They put her on me right away and cleaned her off. Then took her to do all the things that they do. Apgar score was 9 and 9. She was 8lbs 10oz and 22’’ long. A whole pound less than Caden, but only a ½’’ shorter. No wonder she just slid right out…lol.
All in all, I’d say it was a pretty good experience. A lot different than last time, but I managed to do it without drugs again.
We went home on Monday evening. It was nice to have a night at home, because hearing the constant beeping and the hospital, mixed in with a screaming woman giving birth, doesn’t allow for a lot of sleep.
Avery is doing great. Eating great and sleeping mostly great. She’s a little mixed up with days and nights, but we’re working on it.
I feel completely healed up. And, I only have 10lbs to go to be back at pre baby weight.
Now I’ll leave you with a few pictures, as well as Avery’s birth announcement card.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Avery Dakota Jade

We had a baby girl on Sunday, Nov. 8. She was 8lbs 10oz and 22'' long. I will share more details soon.

Friday, November 6, 2009

39 weeks, 5 days

This little boy is so in love with the baby. He hugs, kisses and talks to baby all the time. We sing Jesus loves me and almost every morning he'll come kiss my belly and say, 'baby come out soon'.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This & That

-No baby yet. Although I’m still feeling good, I am so ready. Caden was a week early, and because of that, I feel like I am now late even though I’m still 4 days from my due date.
-I’ve been keeping busy. I guess its what you call nesting. I’m going through boxes of stuff, cleaning out Cadens closet, and making room. I’ve brought 2 rounds of things to Twice as nice. However, somehow, my house still feels cluttered. Gotta fix that.
-My freezer is pretty well stocked. I have probably 10 meals in there. For the last month, depending on what I'm making for supper, I’ll double it and put one casserole in the freezer. I didn’t have time to do this with Caden, so I wanted to make sure to do it this time. Today I’m making a double recipe of corn chowder.
-I need to buy another fridge. I’ve been meaning to for a long time, but now I need to. Just for drinks, and that extra jug of milk, and all the jars of soup that I’m canning. My fridge is always so incredibly full and I hate it. We go through at least 2 jugs of milk in a week so it only makes sense for me to buy 2 at a time, even 3 would be nice, but who has room for that in their main fridge. I tried the scratch and dent place in Winkler and they had nothing. Today I’m gonna try Sears and Coop and see what kind of deal they can give me. I don’t want to spend a lot because it is only a second fridge. I’ve tried PV Online but there is rarely anything, and when there is, it’s gone right away.
-I’ve been trying to get some cards made, both for the baby’s birth announcement, as well as Christmas cards. I have a few to make for people again and wanted to get some done now while I know I have time. Although I’m feeling a little lost for ideas, they’re coming to me. I need to look online for some inspiration. With that said, if you need a Christmas card made, let me know.
-Our care group/bible study has split into 2 groups. We were 11 couples. Ours now has 6. I was a little apprehensive about it in the first place, just because I don’t really like change all that much. But we’ve met once now, and will be again on Thursday. It feels closer, different people are talking and it’s comfortable. I think I’m really going to enjoy it. Plus, with there only being 12 people now, instead of 22, we’ll be able to host it at our house, where as before there was no way we could get that many people in our house.
-Does anybody want a cat? We have a beautiful orange male cat that needs a good home. He is great with Caden. Pretty much lets him do whatever he wants. He spends a lot of time outside, although would like to be inside more. The only reason I want to get rid of him is because I am done with animals. I feel terrible for not letting him inside when he wants to get in. He does need to be fed, as he’s not so great at providing his own food. I told Rob that by the time we have this baby, the cat better be gone. He’s not. He needs to be. If you have any interest at all, let me know. He is fixed.
-I am getting close to being caught up with Cadens scrap book. My mom and I have done some hard core scrap booking. Up until a few weeks ago, I was only till his first Christmas. That’s almost 2 years behind. Now, I am till this summer. It feels so good to be getting close to caught up, expecially considering I’ll be starting another one soon. I am determined to keep up with them after this. It’s a little overwhelming to wait so long. Not to mention, to do 1 page takes a good hour usually, so if Caden is around, that only allows for 1 page a day, during his nap.
-Well, I suppose that’s all the catch up you get for now. Hopefully my next post will be about some exciting news.

Sunday, November 1, 2009