Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What a waste!

We spend so much money on toys, when all are kids really play with, is what we already had.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

11 months already?

I can hardly believe it. My little baby is 11 months old today. How can time go by so fast. It almost doesn't seem fair. I miss my small boy; back when I could cuddle him in my arms, without having the struggle of him trying to get out of my hold. When I could feed him breakfast, and then sit on the couch with him, giving him his bottle. Don't get me wrong, he is such a joy. I love every minute I have with him. But I realize I have to hold on to all these moments because they go by so fast. In 1 month, he's gonna be 1.

Whats he up to these days? Well, he is so close to walking. By close, I mean that he takes steps, as many as 9, but its not constant. He still prefers to crawl, which I think is just a safety thing for him. Think about it, when you're used to being about 6'' off the ground, to go to 2 ft off the ground is a change. But he'll get there.

He's really into books again too. For the last month or so, he hasn't had much interest in books. But I pulled a few out again and he loves to sit on the floor and turn the pages. Its so cute. He even lay on me yesterday and today to have a story read to him. I love that.

Tractors, trucks and anything with wheels, even some things without, are a favorite now. When he started with this, we would make the typical sound with our lips, like a truck. Now, he makes a sound, which is like a hum, as he pushes these things across the floor. Sometimes he even drives on the couch. So cute.

Caden loves, and I mean loves to be outside. He just can't get enough of it. As soon as he sees his jacket, he stands up and starts waving his hands arounds. He can sit in his swing for what feels like forever. I could walk around the village all day and he'd be content. Sit him in the sand box and I can walk away without him noticing or caring. Even crawling around on the grass is fun. The last few days have not been fun. We did get to spend a little time outside on Tuesday, but obviously today was out of the questions. I need the warm weather back, and so does Caden. I can't wait for it to be nice enough to get out the pool, or go to the beach.

So, thats a little update on my beautiful sweet 'baby' boy. Over the next month, I'll be planning and making invitations for his first birthday party. I never thought it would come this fast. What a joy it is to have this little boy in my life. Every day is a new adventure. New things for him to learn. I love how easily he picks up on new things. I can't wait for what will come in the future.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Guess who's coming for dinner?

Every year, our church does something called 'Guess who's coming for dinner'. This is the first year that we have participated, as last year we were still farely new to the church. What happens is, you sign up to either be a host, or a guest. The social committee then takes all those people, and divides them up. We found out that we were going to Elmer and Ruth Toews for supper. There would be one other couple, but we didn't know who they were. Also, Elmer and Ruth had no idea who was coming. I was told to bring a salad and bread. So I made a spinach salad with cashews and craisins, as well as garlic bread. When we got there, we discovered that Abe and Luella Klassen were the other couple. What a great evening. Luella made a honey baked chicken with rice and Ruth made a delicious strawberry/cream cheese/pudding pie for dessert.
It really was a fun evening. We have been going to Bethel church now for a little over a year, but we still don't know everyone, obviously. This was a great opportunity to better get to know people in our church. Definitely something that we will continue to do in the years to come.
I have to mention how much we like this church. Since day one, people have made us feel so welcome. Its a great feeling. Although I knew alot of people in the church when we first started, there were still many that I didn't know. Throughout the past year + I have cultivated friendships with new people and it's awesome. Obviously you have to put yourself out there a little bit, but once you do, new things happen.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fill in

Alright, so now that my blog is up and running again, I can fill you in on the events of the last week. Monday, I went with my family to Grand Forks to watch a game of the mens curling finals. Canada was playing Scotland. We won, 6-5. Yeah. I do love curling. Wednesday, I worked at Pembina Valley Canvas all day and then girls night was at my house. All but 2 of the girls came. It was a full house. No really exciting news though. We're waiting for the next person to announce a pregnancy. Not sure who its gonna be, but we're waiting. Thursday morning, I went to Lindsay Penners house. Her boy Brayden is 5 months older than Caden. They seem to play ok together and we get to visit. I like to let Caden play with other kids his age. I want him to learn how to play with other kids. It also helps to teach him how to share. Plus he really likes to play with other toys other than his own. In the evening, us girls all went to Boston Pizza for drinks, for Joders birthday. I haven't been out for drinks since before I was pregnant with Caden. It was nice. And the drink I had was delicious. Friday, I spent all day at home, doing a whole lot of nothing. I did babysit Maddy and Austin for 3 hours in the afternoon. I would have liked to go outside for a walk, but because Caden had a fever for so long, I want to make sure that it is all the way out of his system before we do anything outside.

Friday, April 4, 2008


So last night, our care group, as well as the other young marrieds care group, made our way out to Plum Coulee to the MCC warehouse. Now I had never been there before, although some had. I gotta say, I really enjoyed my time. Its incredible what they do there. We finished loading a crate, which is going to North Korea. I spent my evening folding blankets, while others did the bailing, some cut out squares of material to bring to schools for kids to draw on, and then later make into a blanket. Others were packing school kits, and still more were loading up the crate. Its amazing what all goes out of this warehouse. In a little less than 4 years, 7 million dollars of stuff have gone out. Wow. I would really like to go out again sometime. It feels good to give back. Especially when we were told that the blankets we were folding mostly go to refugee camps. So sad. Its unbelievable how many blankets there were. And volunteers make them all. I know I have helped my Grandma make a few, and she's done many more than that, and so have many other 'Grandmas'. Its so great. After we were done there, we all headed out to Wes and Ashleys house for food and fellowship. It was great to get to know some people from the other care group. All in all it was a great experience. I encourage everyone to think about heading up a group to go out to the MCC warehouse.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

New and Learning

Alright here goes. My very first post on my new blog. I'm looking forward to sharing parts of my life with you. Please feel free to leave comments whenever you feel like it.