Thursday, April 24, 2008

11 months already?

I can hardly believe it. My little baby is 11 months old today. How can time go by so fast. It almost doesn't seem fair. I miss my small boy; back when I could cuddle him in my arms, without having the struggle of him trying to get out of my hold. When I could feed him breakfast, and then sit on the couch with him, giving him his bottle. Don't get me wrong, he is such a joy. I love every minute I have with him. But I realize I have to hold on to all these moments because they go by so fast. In 1 month, he's gonna be 1.

Whats he up to these days? Well, he is so close to walking. By close, I mean that he takes steps, as many as 9, but its not constant. He still prefers to crawl, which I think is just a safety thing for him. Think about it, when you're used to being about 6'' off the ground, to go to 2 ft off the ground is a change. But he'll get there.

He's really into books again too. For the last month or so, he hasn't had much interest in books. But I pulled a few out again and he loves to sit on the floor and turn the pages. Its so cute. He even lay on me yesterday and today to have a story read to him. I love that.

Tractors, trucks and anything with wheels, even some things without, are a favorite now. When he started with this, we would make the typical sound with our lips, like a truck. Now, he makes a sound, which is like a hum, as he pushes these things across the floor. Sometimes he even drives on the couch. So cute.

Caden loves, and I mean loves to be outside. He just can't get enough of it. As soon as he sees his jacket, he stands up and starts waving his hands arounds. He can sit in his swing for what feels like forever. I could walk around the village all day and he'd be content. Sit him in the sand box and I can walk away without him noticing or caring. Even crawling around on the grass is fun. The last few days have not been fun. We did get to spend a little time outside on Tuesday, but obviously today was out of the questions. I need the warm weather back, and so does Caden. I can't wait for it to be nice enough to get out the pool, or go to the beach.

So, thats a little update on my beautiful sweet 'baby' boy. Over the next month, I'll be planning and making invitations for his first birthday party. I never thought it would come this fast. What a joy it is to have this little boy in my life. Every day is a new adventure. New things for him to learn. I love how easily he picks up on new things. I can't wait for what will come in the future.

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Melissa said...

I hear ya Jamy!!!

"Enjoy every stage 'cuz before you know it they're all grown up!" I used to cringe at that comment... well, my head is spinning at how fast the time has flown by!