Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fill in

Alright, so now that my blog is up and running again, I can fill you in on the events of the last week. Monday, I went with my family to Grand Forks to watch a game of the mens curling finals. Canada was playing Scotland. We won, 6-5. Yeah. I do love curling. Wednesday, I worked at Pembina Valley Canvas all day and then girls night was at my house. All but 2 of the girls came. It was a full house. No really exciting news though. We're waiting for the next person to announce a pregnancy. Not sure who its gonna be, but we're waiting. Thursday morning, I went to Lindsay Penners house. Her boy Brayden is 5 months older than Caden. They seem to play ok together and we get to visit. I like to let Caden play with other kids his age. I want him to learn how to play with other kids. It also helps to teach him how to share. Plus he really likes to play with other toys other than his own. In the evening, us girls all went to Boston Pizza for drinks, for Joders birthday. I haven't been out for drinks since before I was pregnant with Caden. It was nice. And the drink I had was delicious. Friday, I spent all day at home, doing a whole lot of nothing. I did babysit Maddy and Austin for 3 hours in the afternoon. I would have liked to go outside for a walk, but because Caden had a fever for so long, I want to make sure that it is all the way out of his system before we do anything outside.

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