Saturday, July 31, 2010

Noodle making

This is how we spent one afternoon last week. We were catering a function (lunch and supper for the Oak Ridge Boys), and they wanted to have homeade noodle soup. So my aunt agatha came over and we made noodles. Caden absolutely loved it. That boy just loves spending time in the kitchen with us. Whether its peeling potatoes, or making noodles, he grabs his apron and starts helping. It makes me so proud.

Excuse the fact that I am not wearing any makeup, but I also got in on the action. I've decided that I need to get a noodle maker. I really enjoyed making them and once I'm in my new house, with my new island, it'll be perfect for making things like this.

And of course little miss princess had to get in there as well, getting all dirty. She loved playing in the flour. Lots of it ended up in her mouth, but she mostly just liked grabbing it with her hands and throwing it. It was so cute.

Friday, July 23, 2010

2 naps

Avery is down to 2 naps from 3, which means I have to do alot more entertaining. She's usually up around 8:30 in the morning. This used to mean naps at 10, 1 and 4 with bed time at 8. Well for the last week, she was taking up to a half hour to fall asleep for any nap, which pushed all naps back, which pushed bed time back. That makes for an unhappy Mom.
So i made the decision to cut out the 3rd nap. So, now she's still up around 8:30. But her first nap isn't until 11:30 or 12 if I can help it. By about 10:30 she's grumpy, tired, whiny and just wants to be in her bed. So we go for a walk, drive to the store, play outside or I pretty much carry her around. Then she'll sleep for an hour to hour and a half which is till 1ish usually. Then by 3, the whole thing starts again. I don't want her down before 4, cause she sleeps for an hour which means up at 5 and then I have 3 hours till bed time. AHHHHHH!!!!!
I vaguely remember this whole transition with Caden. I'm not enjoying it. Not to mention that now I never have both kids napping at the same time. Caden naps from 1-2:30, right in between Avery's naps. This is not fun. But, whats a mom to do.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sample clips I've made. Right now, buy one for regular price ($1.50) and receive one free. Or buy a matching soother clip for $2.50.
Other ribbon options available.

Monday, July 19, 2010

from 4 to 2

When Rob came home from work, Caden went to him and said "Daddy, please take my training wheels off." So instead of taking them off his bike, on the chance he'd change his mind, we got out a bike my mom has and let him 'try' on that one. Well, he took off.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer fun

We have been enjoying the crap out of summer this year. As much as I love living in the country, it has been nice to have a taste of town life this summer. I can go for a walk to places and to parks instead of just around the village. If i forget to pick up milk, its no big deal. I just go.

My parents also live on an awesome bay. It is completely old people other than my parents so I can even let caden ride his bike on the street and not worry about fast cars coming by. All the neighbors know him already.

The other day, I was getting ready to head out to cater, and was getting the kids stuff all packed up to take them to a sitter. I looked outside and saw Caden across the bay sitting on one of the neighbors bench that they have set up in a little circle on their yard. I walked over there and he told me he was just there visiting. He asked if I also wanted to stay and visit. I told him we had to leave. That couple is so sweet. They've really taken to Caden like there own grand kids.

Our house is coming along. Rob put the basement windows in yesterday and moved a few big things into the basement. Tomorrow his dad and our neighbor are going to help him build the stairs and close off the entrance from the outside. I am so excited for that to happen because then I can start moving things downstairs and make a little more room upstairs. Things are still moving along well. I'm getting a little anxious to be in our new house now. I wanna organize and decorate and do all that fun stuff.

I need to draw up a rough plan of our upstairs and bring it in to my cousin, who is a painter. She's gonna come up with some ideas on what I should do in the house. Mostly for the bedrooms, cause I think i know what I want in the rest of the house. But i'm excited for her input. I wanna stay pretty neutral this time. In our other house, there was not a single white wall. I still don't want white. But a red kitchen, yellow living room, brown and blue kids room and blue bedroom is a little too much color.

Tomorrow my mom and I are catering for the Oak Ridge Boys. They are coming to the concert hall here in town. We get to serve them lunch and supper, and then we are going to the 9:00 concert. I am so excited. I grew up listening to them, cause my dad listened to them. I am taking him to the concert as his fathers day/birthday present.

I am a little under the weather today with a bit of a head cold. Its not fun, and I hope I feel better tomorrow. I had things I wanted to do today, like make more clips, go swimming with Caden and even go to the park. Oh well, theres always next week.

and now, a few recent pictures.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The supplies finally arrived....

so now I made these hair clips,
these hair clips/headband clips,
these soother clips,
and this soother clip and hair clip for a baby gift.

let me know if you are interested.