Saturday, July 31, 2010

Noodle making

This is how we spent one afternoon last week. We were catering a function (lunch and supper for the Oak Ridge Boys), and they wanted to have homeade noodle soup. So my aunt agatha came over and we made noodles. Caden absolutely loved it. That boy just loves spending time in the kitchen with us. Whether its peeling potatoes, or making noodles, he grabs his apron and starts helping. It makes me so proud.

Excuse the fact that I am not wearing any makeup, but I also got in on the action. I've decided that I need to get a noodle maker. I really enjoyed making them and once I'm in my new house, with my new island, it'll be perfect for making things like this.

And of course little miss princess had to get in there as well, getting all dirty. She loved playing in the flour. Lots of it ended up in her mouth, but she mostly just liked grabbing it with her hands and throwing it. It was so cute.

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Lindsay said...

That's such a great thing to do together, I absolutely hate making noodles, but found a machien for 10.00 at a garage sale that helps.