Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The wedding

Our new family

Grandma and Papa with their favorite kids

Just waiting...
The newly married couple
Party central
First dance
The cake
Line dancing to Fishin in the dark

Dancing with my friends
What an amazing day. My baby brother is now married, and I have an awesome new sister in law. I am so thankful. It was an absolutely exhausting 4 days, but so worth it. We started on Thursday. My mom and I catered the wedding, and because we both were not wanting to do anything on the day of, there was a lot of prep work involved. So shopping was done Thursday along with bringing most things to the church and to the shop where the dance was. Then rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner at my parents house. Rehearsal was hard for me. I was standing close to the back of the church rocking Avery to sleep. When Michelle walked down the aisle, I looked at Randy and lost it. I did one of those gross loud cries. Good thing only the sound man heard me. I quickly exited the church to gather myself. It was ridiculous. I don't know why I was crying either. I'm happy. I love Michelle. But its my brother and I love him and this is a big deal.
Friday we started food prep at 9:00. My awesome friend Erin took both of my kids for the day. It was so nice to be able to be completely relaxed about them.
We also decorated the reception hall and set tables. Then more shopping followed by decorating of the dance hall.
Saturday. Last minute stuff in the morning, hair at 12:00, then home to dress myself and my kids. In town for pictures at 3:00. Then we had a bit of time to kill till we had to be at the church. Wedding at 4:30. Reception to follow. Short and sweet. The program was about 15 minutes. I gave my speech which I had worked on and stressed over all week. I have no problem standing up to give the speech, however I had a very hard time writing it. It didn't help that every time I sat down to write it, I'd end up crying. But I did well when I said it to Randy. Didn't cry at all.
Anyway, after the reception, we had a little bit of time until we could be at my Dad's shop for the dance. I dropped Avery off at another friends house. Then went to the dance. Caden had a blast there for the hour that he was there. Then I took him to Shar's house as well. Wow do I have awesome friends. Who else offers to take your kids for night, when they have a kid of their own??? My friends do. I'm so blessed.
So then back to the dance for me. What a great time. Erin and Sarah came as well, which was so great. I need my friends with me to be able to really feel comfortable dancing. And did we dance. The band left at 1:00, but we continued until about 2:00. (with an we didn't just dance to nothing). Then a bit of clean up and home to bed by 3:30
Sunday morning we picked up the kids at 8:30. I came back to town for the afternoon to help with clean up, which took about 2 hours. Had a much needed nap and was in bed by 9.
Seriously, the most exhausted I've ever been in my life I think. Its a good thing I didn't know how much work this was gonna be before hand cause I don't think i'd have done it. But it was all so worth it.
The bride was absolutely breathtaking and my brother...well...he was so incredibly handsome and all grown up. I can't believe my baby brother is married. They are now off in New Zealand enjoying their 2 week honeymoon.

Sneak peek

Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Professional hair cut

For the first time, I took Caden to a hairdresser. Usually my mom just cuts his hair, and she does a good job. But since my brother is getting married next Saturday, I thought it would be a good time to have it done professionally. He did so well and was so proud of it. She even put blue gel in his hair.

Monday, April 12, 2010

New tables

Continuing on my journey to refurnish the new house that we are not yet living in, go here to see the coffee table and end tables that I purchased from the brick yesterday.

and here to see the dining chairs that I'm really considering buying.