Friday, July 23, 2010

2 naps

Avery is down to 2 naps from 3, which means I have to do alot more entertaining. She's usually up around 8:30 in the morning. This used to mean naps at 10, 1 and 4 with bed time at 8. Well for the last week, she was taking up to a half hour to fall asleep for any nap, which pushed all naps back, which pushed bed time back. That makes for an unhappy Mom.
So i made the decision to cut out the 3rd nap. So, now she's still up around 8:30. But her first nap isn't until 11:30 or 12 if I can help it. By about 10:30 she's grumpy, tired, whiny and just wants to be in her bed. So we go for a walk, drive to the store, play outside or I pretty much carry her around. Then she'll sleep for an hour to hour and a half which is till 1ish usually. Then by 3, the whole thing starts again. I don't want her down before 4, cause she sleeps for an hour which means up at 5 and then I have 3 hours till bed time. AHHHHHH!!!!!
I vaguely remember this whole transition with Caden. I'm not enjoying it. Not to mention that now I never have both kids napping at the same time. Caden naps from 1-2:30, right in between Avery's naps. This is not fun. But, whats a mom to do.


Eva said...

I like your new blog layout. The nap transition is difficult.. I agree. Our first one {Alex} was a napper and I loved it. My second one {Ariel} only had one nap during the day and then stopped at the age of one :(... that was hard. Celena and Josiah also stopped early. The solution at our house is early bedtimes {7 o'clock} until they are 6 otherwise they are just grumpy and I really don't like dealing with grumpy kids in the evening :-).


rachel said...

Hey Jamy - I remember so clearly the whole napping thing with Brody - I loved it sooo much when he finally went down to only 1 nap a day!! I hated always breaking up the day for all his little cat naps - I also still feel the strain of "entertaining" during the "sleepy times" prior to actual sleeping... sigh...which can be very tiring for mom... :) Like your new blog appearance!

Kristin said...

I decided to cut Evan's nap out once Grant went to school. Otherwise Grant went to bed at 8 and Evan went to bed at 10. Now, either they both nap, or no one does. He sometimes is very tired in the late afternoon but usually manages to hang on till 8 when they both go to bed. How does Caden do if you don't nap him?

Jamy said...

Oh my, Caden has to have a nap every day. Its not even an option. Usually i try for between 1 and 1:30. sometimes its a little later but he'll always have a nap, even if it ends up being at 3. Otheriwise he's grumpy and winey. Its not worth cutting it out cause i know he needs it. plus, its a 1 1/2 hour break for me every day.

Kristin said...

That I totally get! Evan has seemed to not need quite as much sleep as what Grant did, so I think that helped when I took his nap away. But some some days this mom needs a break too, so then they both nap!