Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So today Caden was at the babysitters again, because I worked all day. Once again, I am so thankful for the wonderful babysitter that I have. It makes it so easy to drop him off when I know he's gonna be happy. We get there, and I can barely take off his jacket and he's already wanting to get down and play. When I get back, he's happy to see me, but not so much that he comes running to me. I know that part of it is that he loves to play with new toys. And she has alot of toys. Its great. I can't even imagine going to work, when I have to leave a screaming boy at the sitters. Although, I've never really let Caden be a very 'needy' boy. He'll go to pretty much anyone. I can't stand kids who always need to be by there mom. I never wanted one like that. I also can't stand it when parents who have kids like that, blame it on the kids. Its not the kids fault, its your fault. You babied your baby too much and now they only want you. You made a sucky kid. Yes, I know that some kids are a little more needy than others, but you can somewhat fix it. Thats why I'm so set on making sure that Caden interacts with other kids. I'm also a very busy person so he's with alot of other adults as well. Just on Sunday, my family wanted to go see a movie in the afternoon. Well obviously we're not gonna take Caden with, so I called my friend Sarah. Caden has spent very little time with my friends, because I very seldom bring him to girls night. Its kinda a rule, that once you're done nursing, the baby stops coming. Anyway, Sarah was more than happy to take him. Now if I had a sucky baby who made strange, this never would have worked. Why don't parents see the up side of correcting these issues, before they are ever issues. It only makes sense. I'm not saying I have all the answers, cause I'm sure I do things that make other moms go 'huh'. But I do have very strong opinions about some things and I'm gonna share them. Anyway, Cadens in bed, so I'm off to girls night.

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