Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Party like a rockstar!

He's 1. He's really 1. And boy did we have a party. We had lots of people over. My parents, Rick and Amy and Randy. Robs parents, Jess and his Granny. As well as my friends with their husbands. A big thanks to all who came and for the awesome gifts Caden got from everyone. We took a chance and had the party outside. We were able to finish eating before the rain and wind started, so then we migrated into the barn. Luckily Rob had cleaned it out on Saturday. We really had a great time. Caden was so happy. Here's a few pics for ya.

Little Tikes car from Joder & Nate, Tiff & Garn, Chris & Shar, Erin & Gabe, and Candace & Dale. (this pic was taken yesterday because we only put the car together after Caden was in bed)

The cake I let Caden eat and make a mess of. He was so cute. At first he was a little hesitant, because obviously he's not used to eating so messily. But then he dug right in and was stuffing his face with cake and whipped cream.

Truck from Pam & Conrad

Soccer ball from Randy & Tanya

The birthday boy in his new wagon from Grandma & Grandpa

New car from Nana & Papa

Dump truck from Uncle Rick & Auntie Amy

Combine from Jodi & Warren

Basketball net from Sarah

The train cake I made. Mostly for looks, although we did end up eating it.


joni said...

My goodness, people sure splurged on your little man. That is so great. He should not be bored all summer. I love your hairstyle. you look so happy.

Jen said...

I love the train cake, so cute. You got the little car you wanted for Caden, along with some other really nice gifts. Good haul little man.

DavenHeather said...

Thats an awesome cake. Great job!