Thursday, May 22, 2008

Work, Weather and Teeth

I work only 1 day a week. So how can it always work out that the one day I work, it is always beautiful, and the days around it are crappy. Take Tuesday. Wind that coulda blown shingles off (okay not that bad, but I hate wind) and it was farely cool. Now take today, Thursday. Its only 8:30, but the wind has picked up, the sky is completely cloudy and looks like rain, and its only 7 outside. Now yesterday, the day I worked. 18 outside, no wind and absolutely perfect. Ahhh!!!
I had big plans for today. Hang out all my laundry, finish my garden and clean up the yard to get ready for Cadens b-day party on Sunday. Had I been home yesterday instead of working, I would have been able to get all that done, and get a tan to boot. Its so frustrating. I know all you working people out there think I'm being stupid because you also have to be working on beautiful days, but you too have the option of staying home and enjoying what should be nice hot weather. (Amy, Tiff, Shar, just to name a Anyway, the sun will come out tomorrow right...???!!!

Caden has been so different the last 2 weeks. Extra grumpy. He's normally a super happy content kid, but lately he's needed to be held more. He's usually really good with playing by himself. He'll walk around the house for an hour finding things to play with, and without me needing to entertain him at all. Not anymore. But I have figured out why. His bottom left Molar is almost all the way through. I can't imagine it feels very good to have that giant tooth break its way through your gums. Now I can understand and sympathize with his grumpiness. Although I hope to have my happy boy back soon.

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Stacey said...

Awe man! Teething is never fun. Bria is just a complete GRUMP when she's teething!

Hey, and really, today has turned out to be much better than it looked like it would be. The sun is shining now :)