Thursday, August 21, 2008

A husbandless weekend!

I gotta admit, I am so excited for this weekend. Rob is gone from Friday till Monday on a fishing trip with my Dad, brother and Grandpa. This means that I can clean the house tomorrow, and its gonna stay that way until Monday. Thats the best part. I can also put the sheet on the bed, and its gonna stay on till Monday. Hmm, sounds great.
Don't get me wrong. I love my hubby. But sometimes its nice to have the house to myself. And I do have some good plans for the weekend.
Tomorrow Caden has an eye doctor appointment. (If you're wondering why I'd take my 15 month old child to the eye doctor, check back tomorrow for that post). Then if I can fix my vacuum cleaner, I'm gonna clean the house. I do have to go in to work for a few hours tomorrow afternoon as well. I plan on renting a bunch of movies, and spend the evening on the couch, with my homemade fresh salsa and chips and pepsi. I get to rent the girliest chick flicks I can find...Woo Hoo!!!
Saturday of course, is the Morden Corn and Apple parade. Hoping it'll be better than Winklers parade, although it really doesn't take much. I'm going with Tiff, so that'll be great fun.
In the afternoon, I'm getting together with my friend Jen and her son Andrew. Its always a great time getting together with them and as our sons get older, they learn to play together even better. They are only 4 weeks apart.
In the evening, is the annual Corn and Apple fire at Tiff and Garns house. I haven't been to or had a fire in awhile.
Sunday is the norm. Church in the morning and then hopefully a nap in the In the evening, my mom is comin over for a movie night. More chick flicks!!! YEAH!!!
Should be a great weekend!

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Bruce and Heather said...

The one thing I don't like about the Corn & Apple parade is all the Shriners. They bother me.