Friday, August 22, 2008

I see....

So today I took Caden to his very first eye appointment in Morden. He did so well. He let the doctor do everything that he needed to do. Now for the question ‘why do I take him to the eye doctor at 15 months? Let me explain.

Rob has some pretty serious eye problems. He was born blind, and was blind for the first 3 years of his life. He then got his sight. However, with problems. He has cataracs, astigmatism, and amblyopia. His eyes are constantly moving back and forth. He only got his drivers when he was 23 years old because until then, he wasn't able to see well enough to drive. The drivers came with a hitch though. He had to go back every year and get tested, to make sure he was able to keep his drivers. See, they told him when he was young, that by the time he was 25, he would likely be blind again. Good news is, after 8 years of getting tested every year, they sent a letter saying he no longer has to get tested. What a relief. Not only cause it means Rob's eyes have stabalized, but the testing costs $150.00 every time. So Caden was not supposed to get any of these problems, cause they are carried through girls. (which means if we have a girl, she'll carry it to her sons) But I just figured better to check it now and be able to fix it if something is wrong.

Secondly, my Dad is color blind, and so was my great Grandpa. Color blindness is carried through girls so therefore, I carry it on to my boys. Bring in Caden. Most likely he will have some form of color blindness. My Great Grandpa could only see in black and white. My Dad isn't nearly that bad. He mixes up certain shades of brown and green. Yellow and brown. Etc. you get the idea. So hopefully if Caden is color blind, its only very minor.

So, because of all this, I took Caden to get his eyes tested. Obviously they can't test for the color blindness; they say that can only happen around grade 1. But after the test, they said his eyes are perfectly normal. Exactly where he should be. He is slightly far sighted, but the doctor said that was ideal. Whatever that means.

Anyway, thats the reason we went today.

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Bruce and Heather said...

That's great that his appointment went well. I think they recommend taking your kid to the eye doctor around a year (or maybe its 2). I haven't done that for Selah yet.