Friday, June 25, 2010

Showered with love....and tons of gifts

Last night we held a shower for my sister in law and my new niece. We had 26 people crammed into my parents house. I had 2 games planned that we played first and then Amy opened her mountain of gifts. She got so much stuff. That baby will have clothes until she's 2. Not to mention the toys, books and towels.
I again made a cake for the evening. It was alot of fun trying out different things again. I will say that I will probably not attempt to make a bow again as it did not turn out very well.

Amy & Ali
MMM, the food.
The cake
View from the top


Amanda said...

The cake looks great. I like the bow!

Do you have a fondant smoother? It really helps get that super smooth finish on the cake.

rachel said...

Everything was amazing Jamy! You did a great job organizing - the cake - looked fantastic and also tasted fantastic!

Kalle said...

I love that bow. What a great cake.

Glad the shower went well.

Shawna said...

I Love the cake! I look forward to showers. haha Getting stuff is always fun, even tho it's not really for "me".

You are always welcome to stop by! Just give me a heads up make sure I'm around.. before or after baby!