Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Demo pics

Before it all began, this is what we saw. Less than an hour later...nothing
The first hit...which I almost missed, thanks to my stupid camera batteries that I had charged the night before, but decided to die at that moment. Luckily my neighbor had some for me.
Bye Bye living room
As you can see, Caden was so excited to watch. He sat there the entire time, letting out little screams. He'd say, now i have no more room. Mommy, now you have no more room. One of his concerns...'mommy, where's my closet?'
Down goes the barn

Nothing left.
The start of the basement
Burning the first pile of house
Our new yard. Robs standing pretty much where the corner of the living room was


Kristin said...

That's so neat! Caden must've been so excited to see it! You guys too! And a little sad I bet. Thanks for posting them!

Kalle said...

Super cool.! I love that pic of C right in front of the demo.