Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby steps

Well, another week has come and gone. My how fast that happens.

-My baby has learnt to go from lying down to sitting. Its an accomplishment. She was pretty proud the first few times she did it. Now with this brings some not so great things. She is also now able to sit in her crib...when she should be napping. I had to lower her crib to the next level today to avoid any mishap that could happen. I just wish this girl would crawl already. She's so so close.

-I think she can wave. I don't think its coincidence, cause I got her to do it many times. Its so cute. I'll try and get it on video.

-Rob, along with my Dad and brother Randy left for Grand Rapids yesterday evening. Its an annual thing. Fathers day weekend they always go fishing. I don't mind. Only downside...

-Church camping is this weekend and, well obviously I'm not there. I've gone by myself the last 3 years, and its been fine. Its so much fun and I love it. This year however, I have not just 1 child, but 2. That would be a little hard to handle at the beach by myself. Next year, I'll give it a shot, cause Avery will be 1 1/2 and its a totally different ball game. But with Caden having no fear and her on the verge of crawling, I'm not sure how i'd handle the whole beach situation. Can't very well be in the water with Caden, while watching Avery on the beach.

-We catered a function yesterday. I think the easiest one to date. Only 65 people. Felt like nothing. Probably coulda done it with my eyes closed. When were used to 150-250 person events, 65 people is so simple.

-Got to sit in my friends hot tub last night while the kiddos stayed home with my mom. Perfect end to an evening. Love it.

-Found some awesome inspiration for a baby shower cake I'm making this week. Can't wait to see how it'll turn out

-I've discovered project free tv. Give it a try. Its awesome.

-Wanna wish one of my best friends a super happy birthday tomorrow. Hope your day is grand Sarah

-And of course, happy fathers day to this guy who has a little boy attached to his hip, and a little girl who has him right where she wants him.

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