Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fun in the sun...finally

Oh yeah, we're cool

Couldn't be any happier
I couldn't believe that she had no problem sitting in the water. It was cold

What a perfect day it was. We spent the entire day outside, other than nap times. I got the grass cut, and we had an awesome lunch on the deck with some aunts and cousins. Caden had a blast playing in the pool with a friend. Avery surprised me with how much she enjoyed being in the water. It had warmed up from the sun, but it is still cold. Little trooper. I can't wait for more days like this.


rachel said...

Your kids are just tough! I think that's what I would sum it up to!! Brody and I will have to pay a visit to you soon on the deck.. :)

john said...

Pool days are great. We had a few already too. Now I sold the pool :(
The kids just didn't leave it alone. When they get older maybe we'll get another one.