Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where have I been???

Well, we no longer have internet at home. We are seriously debating getting rid of our house phone as well. We both have cell phones, so to pay an extra $35 a month seems silly. Now I only have internet when I go to work, which is 2 days a week, or when I go to my parents house. Although I miss having it at home, it has forced me to do other things. I realized that I spent way too much time on the internet. I can use Cadens nap times in a much more productive way. And although I really miss reading all the blogs that I've become attached' to, its kind of nice to only get to check them twice a week. It seems that then everyone has written something new. So please forgive me if I don't comment on your blogs. I still read them, and will try
to comment still. But with only 2-10 minute coffee breaks to do all my reading, it may not get done. Thanks for stickin by me even though there has been nothing good to read for a while. Hopefully I caught up on everything new.

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