Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fun questions for married couples

I was reading a book called 'humor for a womans heart'. It is similar to a chicken soup book. There was this fun little quiz in it that had me laughing out loud as I read. I had to share it with you. Well, the good ones anyway. Hope you enjoy.
1. The recreational activity you most often do together is:
A. Bicycling B. Bowling C. Hunting for his car keys.

2. True or false: A vacuum cleaner makes an excellent anniversary gift.
True! Provided you want it to be your last anniversary.

3. (Husband question) When your wife says, "Let's not get each other Christmas presents this year," it indicates:
A. Her desire to share with the less fortunate

B. Her thoughtful and realistic interest in the household budget
C. A test to see it you "love her enough" to forget the suggestion and "surprise" her with something you'll be paying off until Easter.

4. Before answering the question "How do you like my new hairstyle?" what should a husband always remember?
A. His wife's feelings are the most important thing.
B. She may have spent hours in the salon to get it to look that way
C. The couch is lumpy, and when you sleep on it a spring pokes you in the back.

5. When the both of you attend church together, it is best for the husband to wear:
A. A dark suit B. A tuxedo C. Whatever his wife picks out.

6. When the waiter asks what you'd like for desert, a wife's most common response is:
A. Chocolate mousse, please. B. I'll try the cheesecake. C. Oh, nothing for me, I'll just have a teensie bite of his.

7. Your spouse is snoring. You should:
A. Accept it as a minor flaw in an otherwise perfect mate. B. Gently nudge him and say, "Roll over, dear."
C. Put a pair of sweatpants over his head and tighten the drawstring
8. ***My favorite one*** If a longtime married couple is in the bathtub together, it can only mean:
A. They still feel passionately about each other.

B. Their love life is spontaneous and exciting
C. He's grouting some loose tile while she tries to get rid of stubborn soap scum.

9. When doing the laundry, which of the following is the average husband most likely to forget:
A. Whites in hot. B. Colors in cold. C. Pens, pencils, keys, tissues, etc in pockets.

10. A husband offers to run to the store for a quart of milk. He is most likely to return with:
A. A quart of milk

B. Two steaks, a big fish, a bottle of ketchup, 2 bottles of pot, a box of donuts
a TV dinner, some cheese, the lattest issue of TV Guide, and a can of motor oil
C. A dazed expression and the question, "What was I supposed to get?"

11. (Husband question) To prove your love for your wife, you would gladly:
A. Climb the highest mountain B. Swim the deepest ocean.
C. Hold her purse while she tries things on at the mall and run the risk that, at any moment, one of the guys might walk by.

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