Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A van????

I know, I swore I would NEVER ever drive a van. Now I have one. And I love it. Rob bought a van yesterday. Well, obviously it makes more sense for me to drive that and him to drive my car. Of course its for sale. Any of you who know my husband know that we never own a vehicle more than 2 months. It'll be hard to go back to my car after this. Guess I'll have to enjoy it while it lasts.


Joni said...

I always said I would never drive a van too. I just hated the way they looked. Well, the family grew and we had to buy a van. i love my van. But I instantly felt so much older when we bought it.

Amy said...

lol, I love it, I thought I was going to get a nasty phone call but turns out you were driving it!!! Rick is jealous, he thinks we should have bought it!

Crystal said...

I never wanted a van either until we had our baby and had enough things to take along...welcome to the mom mobile club!