Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm feeling badly for not posting, yet I really have nothing good to post. Guess I'll just go through a few things.

~Cadens 3rd eye tooth came out. 1 more to go

~I made peach jam yesterday. Delicious

~Catering this saturday. Its been a while. It'll be nice to get back into that again. summer is always slower for that. Which is nice, but the extra money is nicer.

~I'm enjoying working. I have so much to do on the 2 days that I'm there that it goes by so fast. I'm debating working 3 days a week, once winter comes. Can't do anything outside then anyway. Although leaving Caden 2 days a week is enough I think. I miss him too much

~Hoping to go to Red Lobster one evening this weekend. Endless shrimp. Yummy.

~Going crazy making photo cards. I have about 30 made. Now I just need people's baby pics to fill them. Can't wait to do Cadens 18 month card, as well as Christmas cards.

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