Thursday, May 27, 2010


So once again, I have to update information on our house. The bad news is it is no longer being burned down by any fire dept. I won't go into detail but I am so disappointed and upset and well, many other emotions.
We are now demolishing our house. Next week, not sure of the date yet. So if you have any interest in helping with the demolition, or know of ways in which to get rid of the pieces, let me know. I'd rather not make 20 trips to the dump.
The good news is that our basement guy called today and he'll have time in 1 1/2 weeks to do our basement. Plus, we were told by others that once the basement is done, we have to wait a month to put the house on. Not so. We only have to wait a week. Such good news. Its nice to get that thrown in.

Things are going good here at my parents. I'm not completely organized yet, but we're getting there. Today I cut the grass, and my mom and I cleaned up her upstairs pantry. On the to do list is the downstairs pantry/coma, all closets, and the rec room. I love organizing so this stuff is so fun for me.

Avery is back to herself again, after 4 days of being so much work. I hardly know what to do with a constantly whiney baby. Its so not like her. I figured she was teething, although she hasn't popped any more teeth. I don't care. She was so happy today. Played by herself. She also went down for her naps so good today, without a peep. Love it.

Unfortunately, it was raining today so we were unable to go take Cadens 3 year pictures. I'm hoping to get to that early next week.

We are catering a wedding this Saturday, which isn't such a bad thing because its suppose to rain all day. I'm praying for good weather next week. I really wanna be outside. And so does Caden. We spent some time outside yesterday. He is so loving his new bike.

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john said...

That really sucks that no fire dept. is willing to help you guys out. I remember my parents burning down their old buildings. It was really cool.
Anyway you should look into hiring Giesbrecht Excavating they maybe able to demolish it with their equipment and haul it away for you. It would cost you but it would sure save you some time and backache.
And if you love to organize you should come my way. I feel like I'm drowning again.
I love that Caden loves his bike. Andrew doesn't give a hoot about his. Hasn't touch it since his birthday.
Jen R