Thursday, May 20, 2010

Country bumpkins no more

Well, it’s official. We are now City folk. As of today, we are living at my parent’s house. Our water got shut off today, and the hydro is being shut off tomorrow morning. Rob his friend Joey and my brother Rick moved all of the big stuff out of the house tonight, most importantly, the freezer which is going to sit in Joey’s garage. I spent all of yesterday packing up a bunch more of the small things that hadn’t yet been moved, and moved them to the new house. Wow have I made trips back and forth. I’ll be glad when that’s all done with although looking at the house tonight, there is still a lot of crap to move. I sure hope I get it all done. It feels strange to look in my house, with it being so empty. Last week I took everything off the walls, and moved my big umbrella tree to my parents. It looks so naked. Throughout the last 2 weeks, I’ve been bringing stuff the their house every time I go to town so there really isn’t too much left to bring. Besides, we’re basically just bringing clothes, pantry food and Avery’s crib. My mom has a crib upstairs, but since we’re sleeping downstairs, it makes more sense to take ours instead of taking hers apart. That way Avery can still nap upstairs.
In other news, Avery had her 6 month needle today. She did well, as usual. She is 16lbs, 14oz and 25 1/2’’ long. Getting so big. She is totally able to sit on her own now, and is getting into crawling position. I don’t think it will be long and I can’t wait. She’s not content for very long anymore. She just wants to move. Mostly to keep up with Caden I think. She loves it outside. I took her for a walk in just the stroller the other day. Usually she’s in her car seat, in the stroller. She loved it. Normally she doesn’t like to go for walks, but this was great. She was kicking her feet and just enjoying seeing everything.
I have made her 6 month card, which I will post once I’ve given them out. I’m was hoping to take Cadens pictures tomorrow, but pretty sure I’ll be too busy so it’ll wait till next week. I still haven’t started Cadens card. I’m hoping for some inspiration once I see the pictures.
Caden has been so great the last few weeks, in terms of playing by himself. I’ve been so busy. First with the wedding, and then I’ve been focused on house stuff. I feel bad for neglecting him so much, but I’ve promised him that in a few days I’ll be able to play with him more again. Poor guy-told me the other day that he needs friends to play with. He’s right. I wish he could play with other kids more. He gets bored sometimes. I had full intentions of bringing him to the Winkler day care for a day sometime. I’m gonna have to do that soon. Just so he gets interaction with other kids, and learns how to play with them. I’m pretty sure he would love it there.
Well, back to un packing our stuff here at our temporary new house.

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