Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goodbye wisdom

Finally, after putting it off for, well, about 4 years, I got my last wisdom tooth pulled. It's been a long afternoon. I hate the dentist. It makes me nervous, scared and all clammy. I got a filling and the tooth pulled, and am now in a little bit of pain as the freezing has worn off. It was the worst one I think. It didn't really hurt, just alot of pressure. Not fun. When I left I noticed for marks on my hand, from where my nails had dug in to my palm. Yikes.
However, on another note, my baby got her first tooth today. I'm sure it was out yesterday, or even the day before because its through all the way already. I was so excited I screamed and scared her. She's a month behind Caden, so I was expecting it to be soon. I just love it when babies have their 2 bottom teeth. So cute.

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Steven said...

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