Wednesday, May 5, 2010

At the moment...

-although the wedding was awesome, I am so happy its over. One thing off my stress list

-finally brought our taxes away for personal and business. Yup, they were late, but I just procrastinated and then got busy with other stuff. So I’m proud of myself for getting everything organized and entered in 2 days.

-also got the business GST done in a very short time. That had to be in, no exceptions

-getting super excited for Cadens birthday. Less than 3 weeks away. Decided on a cake. Excited about making that. Can’t wait to give him his new bike that his been stored in my brothers basement.

-I have finished Cadens birthday invitation. Usually we have a big bbq at our house with family and friends. This year, because I’m doing it on the long weekend, not sure if I’m gonna invite everyone. My family is all around, mostly because my SIL is due a week later. But not sure about friends. That and who knows where the party will be with us in the process of moving.

-working on Avery’s 6 month cards…she’ll be 6 months on Saturday. Taking her pictures tomorrow

-need to plan a care group mystery meal. It was supposed to be in May, but I was too busy with other things that I didn’t get around to it. People are asking me about it. Somehow I got designated the care group social committee. I don’t mind. I’m a planner

-I’ve moved almost everything from our current upstairs, into the new house. Other than some big stuff, and Cadens toys that he still plays with. Also, some stuff out of my kitchen that I know I won’t need in the next few weeks.

-with all the stuff I’ve been going through, I have 2 big boxes full of stuff that I am bringing to twice as nice next week. I love getting rid of things. I used to be a huge pack rat but with having such a small house with very little extra room, I have really started to live by the motto, if I haven’t used it in a year, I don’t need it. Granted there are a few things, like kitchen things, that I have kept forever. I don’t use them because they are packed upstairs but once I’m in my new house, I will have them in the kitchen and be able to use them.

-I haven’t posted any pics of the new house yet because I’d like to do it at the same time as posting the updated pics. However, I want to show you the bathroom.
Yes, the tub and toilet are purple. No, we are not keeping them. So if you or anyone you know wants a purple tub and toilet, let me know. Its yours. We are gutting the entire bathroom. I’m painting the vanity and mirror, but we’re getting a new tub, toilet and flooring.
-hoping to have our house burning party in 4 weeks from today. Still can’t quite get my mind around the fact that we are actually just burning our house down. Seems like a waste, although I know that our house is old…135 years old…and not on a basement, so moving it isn’t really an option. I realize that we didn’t pay as much for our house and 1.1 acre of treed property as people pay just for their tiny empty yard in town, but its still hard. Its like burning money.
-I am sick of this weather. April, please come back. We haven’t played outside in almost a week. Caden is definitely feeling it. He’s been acting out and not listening. That boy lives outside when its nice.
-Avery is sitting. Almost by herself. I still put pillows behind her, because she does fall. But she’ll have long stretches, up to 5 minutes, of sitting without help. Its so nice. She’s getting a little frustrated with not being able to move. She does somehow manage to get around. Often she’s a good 3 ft away from where I left her. But she gets up on all 4’s and just wants to move. Soon hopefully
-she is loving her food. Cereal is great, sweet potatoes, and corn are her favorite veggies. And so far all fruits have been delicious. I love feeding a new baby. Its so great to watch their reaction to eating these foods for the first time.
-I am selling these dishes on PVOnline.
If you want them, let me know. I got the start of them, plates bowls, cups, as a wedding gift. I then purchased the rest of it until I realized that I didn’t actually even like them. Not my style. Its been sitting upstairs for 5 years because I spent a lot of money on it. Now its time to go.

Alright, enough ramblings from me for one day. I leave you with pics of my kids.

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Jen said...

busy girl!
I can't get over how much Caden's looks have changed again.