Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Work work work

When Caden was born, I obviously had mat leave, and therefore stopped working 1 1/2 weeks before he was born. Once he was a few months old, where I could leave him somewhere for a day and not have extremely sore boobs by the end, I started coming in to work a day here and there. Starting in January of 2008, I was coming in once a week and when my mat leave ended in June, I started coming twice a week. I used to always say that once I had kids, I wouldn't be working anymore. I wanted to stay home. But I've discovered that I need to work. I love my son, and he is a very easy boy to take care of, but I found that I need the adult interaction, and I need to do other work than just house stuff. I'm not saying that when I don't work, I'm always at home, stuck in my house. We go out alot. Visiting, shopping, etc. But I take pride in my job at PVC. I am secretly happy that both of the girls hired to take over my job couldn't do it. It makes me feel important; and that no one else knows what I know.
For the month of February, I am working 3 days a week, because the other lady in the office is gone, and I have a much bigger work load. (doing invoices and payroll etc, not normally a part of my job). Not to mention that for this week and next, my Dad is also not in the office. It feels good. I like knowing all thats going on.
Now, with that said, I am not planning on ever coming back full time. I do not want my son to be at day care 5 days a week. I know I could never do that. I'm just pondering the option of coming 3 days a week. The extra money is always nice, and I have so much work to do always. I've been back 2 days a week now for 7 months and have only just recently caught up on work.
I also know that once we have another kid, working will not be a very practical option. Once you put 2 kids in day care, the take home pay drops alot. Is it worth it?
Anyway, just my thoughts while I sit here enjoying my coffee break.


Joni said...

Yeah, you gotta get out and make yourself feel important to other people then hubby and kids. I hear you. I'm already thinking of working a parttime job next september when Eden is in school full days. it doesn't have to be a big important job, just something to let me get out and do something a little different. I am looking forward to being home though and catching up with years worth of neglect. all those corners and closets to organise.

~~Mel~~ said...

I don't have the SAHM gene in me...I went back to work when Riley was 8 months old and never looked back. I was a single mommy at the time and part time just wasn't an option. I think working part time is ideal...still have lots of time for the at home stuff and spending time with the kiddos...but also getting out and having adult interation. It's the best of both worlds IMO.