Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Not much for big plans for us today. Robs been working all day, and I've been watching my dad curl. We debated going to Winnipeg or Grand Forks for the weekend, but since we just got back from a trip, decided we showed save money. We are, however, going to see a movie tonight which for me, is super exciting. For some reason, I just love going to the theater to watch movies. Plus the popcorn is a big bonus. What are your v-day plans?


Joni said...

I just love going to the theatre too. As you already know, we don't do anything for vday either. Another day gone with no acknowledgement.

Kalle said...

No big plans over here. I had to work in the afternoon and was lucky enough to get TWO parking tickets yesterday. Oh well - shows me to not park downtown on VDay and forget to plug my meter.

We made hamburgers and rented a few movies. It was a great day. Hope you had a great time at the theater.