Thursday, February 19, 2009

Minor case of OCD

I'll admit it. There are definitely things in my life that would qualify me to have obsessive compulsive disorder. Here are a few:

All the shirts in Robs, Cadens and my closet must be facing left. There are no exceptions. If Rob ever hangs up his own clothes (which is rare so its not a big issue) I must go back and change them. If I'm lying in bed, thinking that there is a possibility that a shirt might be facing the wrong way, i have to get up and check, or I will not be able to sleep.

Whichever side I was lying on in bed when I wake up to get out of bed to, for example, go to the bathroom or check on a crying Caden, I have to lie on the opposite side when I get back into bed. I can feel it if I'm on the same side as I was and I can't do it. I've tried to forget; but my body remembers. Not sure why this is.

No other dishes are allowed to be in the first row from the left, of the top rack of my dishwasher, except cups. And those cups must be in between the row, not on a spoke. It drives me crazy when Rob puts his dishes in the dishwasher in no particular order. I always fix it.

I must fold my kleenex in half before I use it. No way can I use a crumpled kleenex. And if i pull out a kleenex that isn't whole, I will only use it if I can get all the pieces for it.

Anybody else have some OCD confessions??? Post em on your blog and let me know that you've done it.


Jen said...

I'm the same way with the shirts on the hangers lol. I'd rather do everything myself so John doesn't do it wrong. Not that anything is wrong it's just not done my way. and to me that's wrong haha. Make sense? Oh and I don't let anyone else change my kids diapers. They have to on just right.

Andrea said...

haha...I'm the SAME way with the getting back into bed thing. I have to be on my other's just not comfy otherwise!

Colleen said...

hehe! I'm with you on the kleenex.