Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let it Shine!!!

I am so thankful for the last 4 days. It has been so beautiful outside. My weekend was great because of it. Saturday I re-planted my tomatos and peppers because the first ones had frost. In the afternoon, my friend Jen and her son Andrew came over. The boys played and we visitied. It's nice to catch up. Jen and I were great friends during grade 7 and 8, but then drifted apart after that. Its been so great to get our friendship going again.
I also went to see the Sex and the City movie with Sarah. It was a pretty good movie. Having watched maybe 10 episodes ever of the show, I was a little sceptical as to whether or not I would understand things. But they did a nice little recap at the beginning of the movie.
When I got home, Rob told me that he had invited a bunch of people over for a fire. It was a beautiful evening. Perfect for a fire.
Sunday our church held the annual backyard fires. We had a choice of 4 houses to go to for a fire. We went to Steve and Melissa Friesens house. They live 3 miles from us so it was the obvious choice...;-). It was a great evening. A mixture of young, middle and older people. There was even a 93 year old man. Way to go Mr. Groening.

On Monday, I went to town in the morning. I had an appointment at Twice as Nice. Thanks to Shar for telling me about it. I always bring my clothes right to MCC when I don't want them anymore. She told me to bring clothes to Twice as Nice instead. That way you can get money for them if they sell. What a good idea. As many clothes as I buy, it'll be nice to get a little money from the clothes that I don't want anymore, because most often they have not been warn very often. In the afternoon, my mom came over to help me edge the flower bed around my house. We lay bricks around the whole thing. Wow does it ever look nice. What a difference. Now it'll be easier for Rob to mow there as well. Shoulda done this way sooner.

I've also gotten into the Bachelorette this season. The 3rd episode was yesterday. If anyone watches it, let me know who your favorite is at the moment. I'm rooting for Jason.

Anyway, this afternoon I'm off to Roland to do a birthday party for my cousin Raina. She is 8 today. I've got all kinds of games planned, as well we will be making bracelets. Should be a good time.

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Jen said...

Thanks Jamy, I am really glad to have you as a part of my life again. We were really good friends and it was to bad we didn't stay that way. I really do enjoy your company, and I love watching our boys play. Hope to have you guys over again soon.