Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A weekend away

This past weekend we went to Grand Forks with my family. We stayed at the Lakeview Inns and Suites. Awesome hotel. I would definitely recommend it. The pool was almost bath water warm, so therefore Caden had a great time in it. The hot tub was not so hot, as it needed a replacement part, but overall it was a great hotel.
We did a lot of shopping. Came home with a new counter top, front door, tub surround and tub fixtures. I am so excited to re-do our house with all these new things. Everything is so cheap down there. I did buy myself a few shirts, although i was not in a shopping mood at all. Can't say that has happened to me very often. Caden got a bunch of new shirts, and I bought a bunch of baby gifts, as I have 2 friends expecting in the next 3 months. Its so nice to get away to a hotel for a weekend. I only wish we had spent a little more time at the hotel. You almost need to go for 3 nights to get all the shopping done, and spend time at the hotel. Maybe next year.

Caden has definitely overcome his fear of water. Although I don't think it was so much a fear of the actual water, just that its usually cold water. He jumped into the pool more times than I can count. Brave boy he is. I even put him completely under water a few times and he didn't care.
Doing Monkey ears with my brother
Rick could do this the best. Caden got some really good air.

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Joni said...

looks like so much fun. You have such a good life. Must be nice to do stuff like that with family. I envy you.