Monday, January 26, 2009

...and welcome to the terrible 2's

They’ve hit. My sweet little boy has entered into what they call the terrible two’s. Its unbelievable. We had a little situation on Wednesday. Here it is.
Caden is only allowed to have his soothers for nap time and bed time. Well, I picked him up from the sitters and he spotted his soothers in the bag. He cried and cried cause I wouldn’t let him have them. Once we got home, I told him if he stayed in his bed, he could have his suckie. He jumped into bed and I gave it to him. I then went to the kitchen to start supper. Well, about 2 minutes later, he peeked around his door with a suckie in his mouth and hand. I sent him back to his bed and he went right away. A couple minutes later, he was back at the door with the soothers. I told him to get back to his bad. He looked at me and said a very defiant ‘NO’. I again told him to get back to his bed, which was followed by another defiant ‘NO’. Well, that did it for me. I grabbed the soothers out of his mouth and hand and put them on a shelf. He lost it. He stomped his feet repeatedly on the floor, and then he SLAMMED HIS DOOR in my face. Yup, my 20 month old sweet little boy turned into a 12 year old girl at that moment. I marched into that room, grabbed him by the arm and led him to his bed for a very deserved time out. Continuing with the defiance, he didn’t stay in time out so I put a chair in the middle of his room and made him sit on that. It took a bit, but he calmed down and sat in time out.
I’ve know since he was quite little that he would have a temper on him, because he always wanted to do everything himself, and has had attitude. But I never imagined it would switch so fast. Oh well, I guess this is where my parenting will really get tested. I’m up for the task. I mean really, how long can you stay mad at this little face.


Joni said...

he is very cute. But the hardest parts are yet to come, my friend. Parenting is easy when they are babies and all they need is food and love.
He looks so much like his daddy.

Jen said...

Sorry to say Jamy but you have it easy. Wait til you bring home another one. It's amazing how strong will these little one's can be. Unfortunately we have to spank Andrew nothing else works.

Jamy said...

They are strong, thats for sure. And we do also spank, but time outs work pretty good too :-)