Saturday, January 24, 2009


First of all, I want to apologize to all of my regular readers, if I still have any left. I’ve been really bad at blogging lately and I’m sorry. I don’t have internet at home and therefore can only write my posts when I’m at work, or if I go to my parents house. So, lets play catch up.
We had an awesome holiday. I booked the trip on Friday….we left Monday. I would have liked to have a little more time, but this is the way it worked out. See, we booked our trip using our Mastercard points. We pay for everything, and I mean everything with our mastercard. Therefore, we have a lot of points, which then transfer into travel money. It took me all week to finally get through to them. The only trip she could find within our price range was to Carabela resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I checked online and the resort looked good. 4 star. Works for me.
So I began preparing to leave in 2 days. My Mom said she would take Caden for the week, so that was an easy thing. She has everything but enough clothes at her house for Caden. Sunday night we dropped him off at my parents. We had to be up at 2:30am, which meant that I really didn’t sleep at all because I was so excited. Our flight left at 7:00am. We arrived at 3:40 local time.
The weather was perfect when we got there. However, when we arrived at our resort, things did not go so well. We were shown to our room, which was such a disappointment to me. It was not clean, the air conditioning didn’t work, the bathtub was dirty, and the toilet didn’t stop running. The next morning we changed rooms to one that was much better.
Our resort does not have any food available between 5:00 and 7:00. We were hungry after a day of travel and couldn’t get food anywhere. Very frustrating. I was ready to pack up and go back home.
The grounds of the resort were not kept very clean at all.
NOBODY spoke English. And when I say nobody, I mean nobody. The staff all spoke Spanish, except for a couple of them who spoke broken English. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that 98% of the people at the resort didn’t speak English. Most of them were French, with a few germans, Italians, and other foreigners. The odd time we heard someone speak English we’d whip our heads around to see who it could be. This really got to me. I was hoping we’d be able to meet some people there that we could hang out with. But no. I was not happy about that.
The food was not good. Nothing was labelled, so we had no idea what we were eating. I ended up eating mainly pineapple and bread all week long. To top it all off, we both ended up getting food poisoning. We ate at the Mexican a la carte restaurant for supper on Thursday. During the night Rob got sick. In the morning I got sick. Throwing up and…well…you can imagine the rest. It was not fun. My bottom was so sore. We didn’t leave our room all day.
Now even though all of this really sucked. We still had a really great time. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. We had rain only 1 day, and it only lasted for about 3 minutes, 2 times. Other than that, it rained at night. The ocean was beautiful. The sand was incredible. We really enjoyed our time together and had fun. I did really miss Caden though. It almost hurt how much I missed him. We picked him up from my parents at around 10:00pm. I woke him up from sleeping. He didn’t really even want to come to me. He just wanted my mom. Kind of sad for me, although I understand. But after he woke up completely, he snuggled with me. And didn’t want me to leave the room. Since then, he freaks out every time I leave, even if its just to run outside for something. Oh well. He did very well when I left him at the sitters on Wednesday and Thursday so that was great. He’ll be back to normal soon.
Now I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the trip.

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