Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Whats so good about black Friday??

What an amazing weekend. I have amazing friends. We had so much fun.
However, black Friday shopping left something to be desired. We did only get there around 11am. But the sales were no different than any other day. The only difference was that the line up wrapped half way around the store. I suppose the sales would have been better had we been there at 4am when the stores opened. But, because I was only looking for clothes and small items, the deals were not superb.
But, wow did we shop. We all came home with more than our limit. Our hotel was great. The food was amazing. If you get the chance, eat at TGI Fridays and Texas roadhouse. So super good.
I am almost done Christmas shopping now also. Feels so good. Only about 3 more items to pick up. Now i'm excited for Christmas


Joni said...

So what did you all get? I like it when You go shopping cuz i like hearing about all the goodies you came home with.

Cheryl said...

yeah, i could have told you to save yourself the trip. :) i live here, and avoid stores that day like the plague! unless you want the latest electronic, and you're ready to literally fight someone for it, it's a marvelous day to stay home! glad to hear you still had fun.

Jamy said...

Well Joni, I got 6 shirts, jeans and dress pants, and black boots for myself. A dress jacket, jeans, 1 shirt and bath toys for Caden, and then Christmas presents for almost everyone on my list.

Cheryl, you are absolutely right. Going out for black Friday is only worth it if you are looking for a t.v or ipod...etc. I was not. At least now I know for next year.

Joni said...

thanx Jamy. maybe next time you go you could consider taking me along too ;)