Monday, December 29, 2008

Its over, yet its just beginning.

We survived another Christmas. And had so much fun. I'm always so surprised at how fast it goes by. You wait for it, and wait for it and wait for it to come, and then its gone before you can even blink.
Caden was so much fun this year. It makes a big difference to be a year and 7 months, instead of just 7 months at Christmas. He enjoyed helping everyone else open their presents, as well as his own. And boy did he get awesome new toys. Mostly tractors and trucks which he's big into. Not to mention a gator, from my parents. He doesn't know about that one yet. Its technically not meant for just him, but for all the grandchildren, but since NO ONE ELSE is having kids....ahem...its Cadens. Can't wait for summer to put it together and go cruisin. Now, I just have to lose some weight so I'm not over the 130lb weight
I got most things that I asked for. And when I got home and unpacked it all, I realized that all of it stayed in the kitchen. Except for the brown coat. I got cutlery, a 4 slice toaster, a mixer, cookie sheets, a calendar, and some other smaller things. Oh and a rabbit hat, which I need to exchange for a smaller size. So excited to have warm ears this winter.
With 4 gatherings down, and only 1 to go (on New years day) I'm feeling a little less overwhelmed. Oh wait, did I mention that tomorrow I'm going to the city to hopefully get my passport so that in a few weeks Rob and I can go away on a holiday. Oh and when we get back, I have to start working 3 days a week because the other woman at work is on holidays for 6 weeks. And on top of that, my parents are gone for 2 weeks during that time as well, which means its only me in the office at work....ahhhh. When will it end. I hope February is a little less stressful month.

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Amy said...

ahhh....ahem yourself! I have nothing more to say on that subject......!