Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy birthday to me

Well, like every other year, I was sadly disappointed on my birthday. For some reason, I always let myself get excited that maybe, just maybe Rob will have planned something.
This year was no different. I was home for the day, which means that I usually stay in my ‘comfy’ clothes all day with no makeup and hair a mess. But, because I was hoping that Rob would come home, say he had a sitter coming, and we would be going out for supper and to a movie, I got ready. 5:20 comes around and Rob calls. ‘Should I pick something up for supper?’. Well, instantly I knew that he had once again planned nothing. And naturally, I was instantly upset. He asked what was wrong, and I told him I was mad that yet again, he had planned jack $#%* for my birthday. Then I hung up on him.
I ended up calling him at 6:10 because he still wasn’t home and Caden was getting hungry. He hadn’t even left work yet. I told him to forget about supper cause I had to feed Caden something now.
When he finally did get home, we of course had a fight about why he doesn’t plan anything for my birthday.
He did get a few points because he bought me a pedicure for my birthday. Well, I ended up sitting on the couch all evening watching t.v. Some birthday. I should have just gone to girls night and sat in the hot tub with my friends.
I’ve already told all my friends that next year on my birthday, we’ll be having a party. I have several years of crappy birthdays to make up for.


Kalle said...

Sorry to hear your Bday was a bust. Definitely plan a girls night next year. Maybe now it's sunk in to the hubby and he'll surprise you. :)

Stacey said...

Some guys just are that way I think. It's not that they don't care, they just don't THINK of these things!