Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ahh, Christmas is almost here. The tree is up. I've added lights to different areas of our house, and I even did some Christmas baking today. I'm ready for it. I just need to buy a couple more gifts, which will be easy cause I know what they will be. Oh I'm so excited. And because I'm so crazy busy in the next 2 weeks, its gonna be here before I know it.
We just finished catering another Christmas banquet tonight. Only 2 more functions to go. The last being on Dec. 20th. This Friday is my work banquet. I'm looking forward to that. D.J.s caters, so my mom and I get the night off.
I'm finally finished all Christmas cards for this year. Unless someone else asks for them. I do have a couple of really nice designs that would be great for someones cards. I'm not quite done handing out my cards yet either.
Next week Wednesday is my birthday, so of course I'm hoping Rob will plan something. Although I know its not gonna happen. If only he would take hints.
Next Sunday (21st) we have Christmas at my Grandpas. 22nd is my brother Ricks birthday so we'll be heading over to their house for the evening. The 23rd we leave for Emerson where we stay for night and do Christmas with Robs family on the 24th. Then back to Winkler to my parents for Christmas day. Whew, its gonna be a crazy couple of weeks.

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time for a new post Jamy!!!!!!!!