Saturday, October 11, 2008

Comment on post

Nothing like a personal post to get people to comment on my blog. I'll try and comment on everyones comments.
The only meat I buy at super store is chicken breats (by the case) Co-op can't touch the price. I know cause my mom has checked for catering. Its almost double the price. I also buy sandwich meat, but we don't use alot, so it wouldn't pay for me to go elsewhere for it.
Sales at superstore. Doesn't really matter if it is on sale or not, its still gonna be cheaper than anywhere else in this town.
And I was strictly talking about the grocery store. I did buy my camera at the appliance store, and would absolutely go back there for anything else (to check prices anyway) as well as to Something Digital. I have nothing against either of those stores. When it comes to buying large items, like computers and appliances, you generally do alot of price checking everywhere anyway. All of our appliances came from Sears, because they had a better price. But we checked Co-op for everything. As for the equity. I was turned off of that when we bought our appliances. You can only use so much of it, depending on the price of the items you are buying. If the washing machine I'm buying is not expensive enough, I can only use a little bit of the equity. That did not impress me. If I have this money, let me use it however I want to use it.
Superstore just has everything and a large variety of everything. Clothing, diapers, crayons markers etc, get the idea. I do love wal mart as well, but not so much for the groceries. I go to browse every few weeks for kids clothes and shoes.
Hey, its all a personal opinion right? If you wanna shop there, and spend more money because Co-op gives back to the community, or because of the equity check, go ahead. I'd personally like to rather see that money in my bank account at the end of every month.
Thanks for your comments.


Amy said...

Yep totally agree. I'm going to spend $500 on a new stove, but then you can only use $75 of your equity (may be more but not sure of the calculations). I wanted to buy a computer at Something Digital but apparently I can't use my equity on those because they don't have a big enough markup so off I go to Best Buy or Staples. I don't shop at a place based on their community involvement or how much they give back. I don't care as long as I get the better price so that I can decide where my money is given. But of course we all have our own opinions.

Bruce and Heather said...

Well, this week is Co-op week, and I WILL be getting money to put into my bank account.

Melanie said...

To each his own, but just to your friend Amy, whoever told you that equity couldn't be used for computers at SD was wrong. Makes a HUGE difference in buying a computer. :)

Jamy said...

No, its true. My mom recently went check prices on something from coop as well and she could only use a certain amount equity

Amy said...

Oh well thanks for that, I will have to check again because when my parents bought their computer there, she was told they couldn't use any equity, maybe things have changed??

Melanie said...

Well I'm not sure if/when it's changed, but since my husband (Walter) is a salesperson at SD his information is reliable :) I hope! LOL

And from our past 3 experiences pre-SD with buying computers on Best Buy, what you see is not always what you get. Sad, but true. I hope you find a good deal! :)

Joni said...

Some people have issues with those big "Box" stores. they have claims that they rob the companies that provide them with the products. Like walmart for instance. I had this conversation with a guy at work who refuses to buy anything from superstore or walmart. he said he would rather spend a few bucks more somewhere else. but my arguement was that if nike didn't have the children to work for them (child labor) then where would those children get money from for food? I bet in those poor countries those little children would love to have an oportunity to work so they could eat.
I want to see my savings in my hands also. If there is a need in the community they do fundraisers. And Winkler needs a new highschool, that is a need. hopefully coop puts their millions into that.
Just my opinion

Melanie said...

No issues with Big Box stores for me, as long as they are being honest.