Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How can you afford to shop at Co op

We had our care group kick off a few days ago. One of the games was to guess the prices of grocery items. She had purchased them from Co op. I could not believe how expensive some of the items were. I based my guesses on what I pay at the superstore, with a small mark up, cause I know co op is expensive. But i was soooo out. A 4 pack of AAA batteries for 7.99. Superstore, 4.25. A box of kleenex for 2.29. Superstore, 1.29. A 2L of Pepsi, 1.89. Superstore, 1.39. You get the idea. I understand that if you shop on Tuesdays, you get 5% off. And yes, you use your coop # and get money back twice a year. But I know for a fact that it doesn't equal out. And who can only shop on a certain day of the week. I like to be as thrifty as I can when I shop. Yup, I look for coupons and use them where I can. And I'm sure if Coop is having a sale, some items could be close to or the same as the superstore. But really??? Its like throwing money away. I don't understand.
Anyway, sorry if I've offended, but this just got me going. I had to share.


Joni said...

I hear you. I'm a cheap bugger, and i can't afford those expensive stores either. we have a safeway in Steinbach, And their prices are totally insane. I am a club member so I do shop there once in a blue moon. But I only buy those items that are the specials, like buy 1 get 1 free. They have really good deals sometimes. i'm cheap so I buy ONLY the deals. When i read my reciept the savings exceeds the actual purchase I make. I laugh all the way to my van. Buggers aren't gonna suck me in.

Joni said...

How do I get my pics to you? I'm having trouble emailing files with this computer. Why don't you post some of your templates so I can see what they look like and how many pics I want to put on 1 card.

Amy said...

Haha, I know, my dad always bugs me to shop there (obviously) but I tell him poor people like us can't afford it! I only go when they have good sales and then I go on Wednesday to get the extra 5%. Also, compared to Superstore which never has stuff in stock, they are guaranteed to have the item there. Like choc. chips, Superstore never has them, Co-op always does. (Also they are 5cents cheaper at Co-op when they go on sale). It also easier for me to go there since I drive right past, I don't have to come through town. Everyone has their favourite stores, for some it seems to be Co-op.

Lindz said...

I totally understand and can not believe people shop there very week.

Bruce and Heather said...

Careful with this one:) I talked about this a while back (though on the opposite side of the argument) and had some very interesting comments... I agree, sometimes it does seem more expensive. When I buy things like batteries, I go to Walmart or Superstore, but I in the long run, I don't think Superstore would save me much money. There are so many different things to factor in. I just remember when I worked at Superstore, and there were sales, you couldn't even tell, because we had to switch the tag on the shelf, and there was only one little marking, that if you knew what it meant, you knew there was a sale. Now I think they have yellow tags for sales.

Amy said...

lol, yeah Heather I remember that post. Everyone has to admit though that Superstore generally has better prices than Co-op, when it comes to name brand items, leaving store brands out the the question. The meat is definitely better at Co-op, I only buy there or Spenst, and I don't care about the price. I just know that my mom has paid ridiculous prices at Co-op lately and that's too bad because it makes you want to shop somewhere else. Things that don't have an expiry I have started buying in the States because it's cheaper than both places! I buy electronics and appliances at Co-op because I like getting that equity cheque every year ;) which is happening next week!

Warren said...

I love the fact that blogs are all about point of view. No argument here on the price issue (which is what the post is about) because I have always shopped at Co-op and therefore don't know the difference.
Here are a few other facts to consider however:
- Co-op gives back over 2 MILLION (that'd be six zeros) to the LOCAL community EACH YEAR! While most of this money goes back to the members who shop there by way of cash rebates, even those who do not support the Co-op reap the benefits. For instance: Co-op pumps over 2 million dollars directly into the local community ever year. That gives joe Co-op member more money to buy used car parts at Pauls Auto, or maybe a trampoline from PVC.
- Every local youth group, sports team, school, and fundraiser for cancer patients etc. has benefitted directly from Co-op's generosity.

From what I've heard Superstore and Walmart cannot make the same claims. The stuff they do give to charities is donated by customers (to the food band, etc.)

Just so you understand my biases, I do work at Something Digital, which is a department of Co-op. I noticed you guys have a Co-op membership from a while ago. Next time you need a new computer, tv, etc. you can use $300 of your equity just like cash!

Just my 2 cents ;)

Stacey said...

I prefer to shop at Co-op because it takes me half the time to walk through the store, the staff know my kids and are super friendly, and since I usually shop sales, I do pretty good with my grocery bill.

Driving to a whole bunch of different places to get the best deal will never save you money with the cost of gas!

I definitely appreciate the clothing at Superstore, could live without Walmart though!

Jen said...

I like how you got people talking!
Call me crazy I only shop at co-op for certain things. I do however make a trip to Altona when they have mac and cheese on sale. I bugged alot but IGA is the only place to get my our compliments mac and cheese. Being pregnant now for me it's totally worth the trip!