Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pet Peeve #1

Why oh why do people feel the need to drive 80kms an hour on a 100km/hr highway. I absolutely cannot stand this. Every time it happens, I get so angry and it happens alot, because I have to drive on the highway every time I go to town. Its horrible. One day, I will make a sign that I carry with me in my car for just such an occasion. It will read, in big bold letters, 'SPEED LIMIT IS 100KMS'

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Joni said...

I hear you. Pisses me right off. Excuse my language. Usually it happens when I'm in a rush, so I don't don't have time slow them down right after I pass them to piss them off too. I get road rage quit frequently. What else gets me so mad is when driving on a dusty gravel road the oncoming viecle will drive 1000 miles an hour and you get all the dust so you can't see where your going and you almost have to come to a complete stop. what I've learned to do when I see thats about to happen is I will play chicken with them. I'll stay right in the middle of the road, of course I slow down alot so that I'm in control. Works very well.