Friday, July 4, 2008


Getting a little concerned that I have too many things to do in the next few days. Alot is happening in July.

Saturday: Looking at a car with Rob. Might be getting a Jetta....Woo Hoo!!! Need to clean the house.

Sunday: Church. Getting together with Chris and Shar

Monday: Need to make a practice something for Mom and Dads anniversary party. (can't say what it is in case Mom reads this. She doesn't know what I'm doing) Meeting in the morning to discuss a couple of church showers coming up.

Tuesday: Working

Wednesday: More anniversary party stuff. Get some stuff ready for camping next week. Girls night.

Thursday: Work

Friday: Decortate tent, make food, make 'special something' for party.

Saturday: Mom and Dads 25th anniversary party.

Sunday: Pack and prepare for the week.

Monday to Sunday: Camping at Falcon Lake.

The week after getting back from camping, I work 2 days. Then on Friday, we leave for girls camping. Wow, July is gonna be gone before I know it. I'm mostly concerned about the week ahead. Alot is going on. I do enjoy being busy, although this leaves no time to enjoy the beautiful weather we are suppose to be having next week. Oh well. It'll be fun anyway. I should quit my complaining and be thankful that I have a job, I have parents who are celebrating 25 years together, I have friends that I get together with every Wednesday, and we get to have new stuff.

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